Meme culture was able to provide some comfort during this tumultuous ride. Photos: Twitter
Meme culture was able to provide some comfort during this tumultuous ride. Photos: Twitter

A timeline of the 2020 election in memes

From Adam Driver to Gritty, the memes did not disappoint.


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Memes, as they are in our day-to-day life, proved to be the relief of the masses as election week progressed in a roller-coaster fashion that was only fitting for the year 2020. 

On election eve, tensions were on high, especially with Nov. 3 finally 24 hours away. Thankfully, the nation had a crutch in the form of memes, and they were the real early winners of the election process. 

If you weren’t following mainstream news 24/7, you more-or-less get the full picture from meme culture. 

Perhaps the whole picture, and with a lot less stress.

Here’s a look at the week from the perspective of the Internet. 

Warning: There’s a lot of Nevada because, well, you know. 

Tues, November 3: Election Day

Surprise, Arizona has flipped blue. And it was poetic, really, how Fox News was the first network to call the state in Biden’s favor — even before the Associated Press.

The biggest surprise thus far in this election cycle was that Arizona went Democratic, a state that has long been lauded to be firmly red, but the voter gap between Democrats and Republicans closed in the last decade.

This was largely due to Mexican-American mobilization, but the McCains also had something to do with Biden’s solidified edge in the Grand Canyon State.

What ensued were memes resurrecting former GOP AZ Senator John McCain with a vengeance. 

After the victory in Arizona, the nation got settled to anticipate a slow count. 

Mail-in ballots, largely Democratic since the GOP advised its supporters to vote in person, trickled in after all the poll votes were counted.

With the hours on Nov. 3 dwindling, and millions of ballots left, it was clear there would be no immediate answer. 

Wed, Nov. 4: Election Day 2

To Latinos, Florida was the biggest gut-punch.

While it appeared Biden had flipped Arizona, Florida’s outcome increased uncertainty in regards to swing states that became make-or-break in the final hours of the ballot count.

But the silver linings in the final hours of Wednesday were Michigan and Wisconsin.

Thurs, Nov. 5: Election Day 3

The predicament of Nevada was something out of a Veep episode — literally. 

Meme-wise, Nevada was the winner. No other state’s counting process has garnered more incredulity and sheer entertainment factor as Nevada’s, as it found itself at the center of election week. 

Call them mocking, but none are meant with real malice. We’re all just trying to cope with the slow count, especially after Nevada halted its count midday Thursday, a move that provided more fuel to the blaze of memes that was already roasting the state worth six electoral votes. 


Apart from Arizona, Georgia proved to be another deciding factor in the election, marked by a razor-thin race that is now headed to a recount.
Though the recount will likely still result in Biden’s favor, the Internet was quick to embrace Georgia into its memedom with open arms as soon as it realized what was possible.

Thurs, Nov. 5: Election Day 3 (Night)

For months, we’ve been hearing that whoever wins Pennsylvania would win the White House.

As the millions of mail-in ballots continued to be counted, Trump’s edge in the Keystone state vanished by the late hours, and things were looking very good for Biden.

Philly Twitter went wild. 

Trump’s lead didn’t last in Pennsylvania either.


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