Shapiro stopped by local Latino owned businesses in North Philly and spoke with owners.
Shapiro stopped by local Latino owned businesses in North Philly and spoke with owners. Photos: Alan Nunez

Shapiro tours North Philly’s Latino businesses, speaks with local owners in latest campaign stop

The Democratic candidate for governor stopped by local Latino owned businesses in North Philly, looking to learn more about how to support them as governor.


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Pennsylvania Democratic candidate for governor, Josh Shapiro, toured some of North Philadelphia’s Latino-owned businesses on Friday, July 29, in hopes of learning more about what can be better done to support them as governor. He was joined on the tour by PA State Rep. Danilo Burgos and Philadelphia City Councilmember María Quiñones-Sánchez, among others, and started at 5th and Wingohocking Streets.

Shapiro is facing Republican candidate Doug Mastriano in the nearing election on Nov. 8. 

In a state facing hardships in the job market, rising costs, and a crumbling democracy, Shapiro’s policies and plans hope to elevate Pennsylvanians as the ever-changing nature of the country also changes. 

Shapiro spoke with local Latino business owners.

Some of his policies include cutting business taxes and using more renewable energy, as he hopes by 2030 to have more than 30% of the state's energy come from renewable sources. Further down the line by 2050, Shapiro looks to get the state’s emissions to reach net-zero. 

Additionally, other plans include focusing on creating jobs and expanding job training, cutting costs on everyday items for residents, and supporting small businesses. Understanding the systemic racial barriers that Latino business owners face, Shapiro emphasized the importance of not only retaining what small Latino businesses exist, but also attracting more to do the same and start their own businesses. 

“First we need to support the businesses, the local community does, the outside community does. Second we need to make sure that state dollars are getting into local organizations, this includes grants and loans. That’s the way the system should work, we need to support local organizations. Making sure we’re working with local partners to get resources out,” Shapiro said when asked about how to attract and retain small businesses in the neighborhood.  

Shapiro tours North Philly Latino owned businesses.

In relation to the businesses, Shapiro vows to help businesses secure permits and increase easier access to applications. Moreover, he wants to cut business taxes, and increase funds for career and technical education in hopes of creating more jobs and opportunities for the marginalized. 

The Attorney General also said that if elected, wants to create an office that would help businesses navigate easier through the state regulatory system.

Along with that, he wants to expand on an already existing system that puts manufacturers in contact with universities, colleges, and other institutions used to be able to train them for in-demand jobs in the manufacturing sector. Shapiro said that his administration would “connect businesses with leading research institutions, get companies access to capital, and create a talent pipeline from high school and college to the workforce.” 

Amid the recent passing of the state’s budget for the year, the corporate tax rate is expected to drop to over 4.99% by 2031, but Shapiro vows to lower it by even more. 

Shapiro looks to win the PA Governor race in the November elections this fall.

Shapiro’s economic plan for the future would increase fundings for apprenticeships as well as strip the four-year degree requirements that thousands of jobs that exist in state governments require. The economic plan is inclusive and based on expansion of many sectors with emphasis on helping those neglected previously. 

“As Governor, I’ll lead the way to reignite our economy, ensuring businesses come to Pennsylvania and stay here, and making our Commonwealth a national leader for innovation, manufacturing, and job creation,” Shapiro said in a statement followed by the layout of the plan.


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