He suspended his Mayoral campaign.
He suspended his Mayoral campaign. Photo: Kianni Figuereo/AL DÍA News.

Former City Councilmember, 2023 Philadelphia Mayoral candidate Derek Green suspends campaign

Green’s announcement on Thursday, Apr. 13, makes him the second candidate to drop out of the Mayor’s race, following Maria Quiñones-Sánchez on April 9.


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Philadelphia’s packed Mayoral race now has two fewer candidates as former two-term at-large City Councilmember Derek Green announced his decision to suspend his campaign on April 13, which brings the total number of candidates back to single digits at nine. 

"It was an honor and privilege to run for mayor of my hometown, with the hope of restoring pride in the birthplace of our country,” Green said. “Words cannot adequately express the appreciation I have for my family, supporters, and campaign staff, who have been by my side throughout this journey.” 

“What we were able to accomplish together on this campaign was significant, and I look forward to continuing that work as a citizen,” he added. 

Green was one of the earlier candidates to announce his bid when he launched his campaign at the end of last Summer on Sept. 7, 2022, at ESPM barbershop in West Philadelphia. 

The Germantown native and former Philly Assistant District Attorney, ran a campaign focused on reducing the city’s rising gun violence, investing in recreational centers, and cracking down on illegal guns. 

But despite no longer being in the race, he remains optimistic about the city’s future as he believes Philly is currently at an “inflection point,” where voters “will be choosing a leader who must guide us through some of our city's greatest struggles,” he said. 

“The challenges we face are enormous, but I believe that we, as Philadelphians, have the capacity to put aside our differences and meet these challenges head on. That effort will start with a mayor who leads with empathy and with an intense resolve to never give up, no matter how difficult the path may be,” he added. 

Despite vast experience across different positions — including being an attorney, Assistant Deputy Attorney General for the Delaware Department of Justice, Deputy Solicitor for Philly, and Assistant District Attorney for Philadelphia — Green struggled to raise enough funds as well as make an impression on the city’s tough and skeptical voters. 

His knowledge of complex city issues and ability to competently come up with solutions to said issues was appreciated by those who cover or follow local politics closely, but for the many who do not — they are likely looking at some of the more high profile and deep-pocketed candidates that he’s shared many forum and debate stages with over the last few months. 

Green on Thursday told The Philadelphia Inquirer that the decision to suspend his campaign came after “realizing how we get to the end of this race and the dollars that are necessary to do what we need to do.”

He’d raised upwards of $657,000 according to the latest campaign finance reports, in stark contrast to his fellow candidates who’ve raised a combined $22.2 million. 

In a previous interview with AL DÍA back in February, Green drove home the importance of strong leadership — something he says the city hasn’t had through all of its crises in the last two years. It’s something he wants to restore first and foremost.

This is what he had to say about what the next Mayor needs to be. 

“Leadership is making decisions. You're not always gonna make the right decision. But it's making a decision when it needs to be made and taking leadership, you make it with the best information you have at the time. People look to the Mayor of the City of Philadelphia for leadership, not just here in Philadelphia, but around the region around the Commonwealth,” Green said.

While Green may no longer be in the race to be the city’s 100th Mayor, his commitment to bettering the city is not over as he told the Inquirer he was not sure if he’d run for office again and is considering what is next. 

"Philadelphia is the greatest city in the world. Grit is in our DNA. And while it pains me that I will not be able to serve as our 100th mayor, know that it will not deter me from working to ensure I leave it better than I found it; For my son Julian, and for future generations of Philadelphians."

In the meantime, Green hopes to finish up a personal project of his — a novel, a political thriller that he looks forward to working on now that he is no longer in contention and will continue practicing law at Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel, a Center City-based, full-service law firm. 


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