Sabine Maxine Lopez is the founder of A Tribe Called Queer. Photo courtesy of: Sabine Maxine Lopez
Sabine Maxine Lopez is the founder of A Tribe Called Queer. Photo courtesy of: Sabine Maxine Lopez

A Tribe Called Queer, the Black, Indigenous and Latinx gender-neutral clothing line sweeping the U.S. with its powerful messaging

Sabine Maxine Lopez started her fashion business with a desire to spread the good word and be inclusive.


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Sabine Maxine Lopez is the owner of A Tribe Called Queer, an online store focused on spreading its message through fashion, which has been on the rise since 2015.

Her brand features gender neutral and size-inclusive clothing lines for everyone.

Ever since she started in fashion, Lopez wanted to put her energy into a trendy, fashionable brand that highlights the many LGBTQ+ identities of the world. 

She initially started by sharing art from others in the LGBTQ+ community, and went on to introduce their own work in the process.

“I really wanted cool t-shirts that had a lot of messages on them,” said Lopez. “That is how it started in terms of clothing.”

Fashion was always her first love, but when she was younger, her family couldn't afford trendy clothes, so Lopez inherited her older siblings' wardrobes.

“When I was growing up we were so poor and I wasn't able to get anything fashionable,” she said.

Lopez had to work every summer because it was the only way she was able to buy new clothes. The experience has informed how she markets her own line today, as trendy, fashionable, and most important of all: affordable.

In place of not being able to afford the clothes she wanted, her cousin introduced her to thrifting, which led her to mix and match different clothes to shape her body. 

“I am a curvy girl and I was able to alter that could align with my body and my clothes whenever I would go thrifting,” said Lopez

In addition to focusing on many sizes of clothing for all individuals, Lopez uses her designs to display important messages regarding current events.

Her brand honors the community, spreads awareness, and showcases people from all cultures and backgrounds in an effort to elevate inclusivity.

Some messages on Lopez’s shirts include: “Gender is an illusion,” “Hella Queer, Hella Proud,” and “Immigrants are the backbone of America.” 

All the designs are featured on her Instagram page, which has grown in popularity over the years.

Besides t-shirts, she also sells cell phone cases, beanies, stickers, and pins with power phrases. 

In addition to the fashion line, A Tribe Called Queer, Lopez also hosts a biweekly podcast by the same name, where she speaks with other LGBTQ+ individuals in the community and discusses a wide range of topics. The podcast started in 2018.

“We talk about topics from starting a family as a queer person, having a child as a trans person, sex,” said Lopez. “My wife and I talk a lot on the podcast, we cover a lot of different topics.”

When Lopez isn't podcasting or designing, she is also writing blogs on her website. She has written on many topics like mental health, queer fashion, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

As for now, Lopez is focusing on her business endeavors while also going to college in Los Angeles to study graphic design.

“I would like to grow and eventually hire an employee, but I am also open to whatever the future holds for me,” she said.

Visit Lopez’s website for more information about her ventures.


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