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Important recognition for women content creators. Photo: Pixabay.

The participation of Latinas is recognized in the 6th installment of the Latin Podcast Awards

The Latino Podcast Academy awards female talent for the first time in six years.


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The Latino Podcast Academy Awards (LPA 2022), considered the largest and most important form of recognition for Latino podcasters in the United States and around the world, were recently presented to highlight creators of content in Spanish.

The organization highlighted:

Our female nominees are from different countries, customs and traditions, but with something in common: Being part of this Podcast generation.

With the aim of helping podcasters to continue providing quality content to their audiences, in this new edition of the awards, for the first time, a well-deserved recognition was given to women podcasters to celebrate their talent and leadership in the industry.

“Many of them are creators, producers and hosts of their own podcasts.We can also see them as collaborators, editors and writers. Contributing to the podcast with a variety of topics, interviews, love stories, romance, fiction and mystery. That is why the Latin Podcast Award 2022 recognizes their contribution in this fascinating and diverse world of the podcast,” LPA added.

Award winners 

“En Positivo con Lourdes del Río" is the name of the Podcast of the Year 2022, which obtained the majority of votes from the public to win the award for Popularity, as well as by decision of the jury, under the category of “Personal Improvement” and the “Podcast of the Year 2022.”

Likewise, a special recognition was made to Lina M. Carrascal, creator of the podcast “Soy mamá por adopción” (I am a mother by adoption), who won her award in the new category “Best Female Podcast.”

The Latin Podcast Awards 2022. Photo: Noticias Newswire.
The Latin Podcast Awards 2022. Photo: Noticias Newswire.

This is the complete list of all of the 2022 LPA nominees and winners:

  • Con Carol The Podcast
  • La Magia de los Asustos
  • Inspiración Hispana
  • Mamas con Ganas
  • Zona Pop CNN
  • La Pizarra con Nicky Mondellini
  • Storylab
  • Entre Nosotras
  • Tenemos que Hablar
  • Jodidísimas
  • En Positivo
  • Pivot-ES
  • A Little Bit of Everything with Me!
  • Life 100 Podcast
  • Juegos de Asesinos Podcast
  • Terrores Nocturnos
  • The Rick H. Show with Jasmine Ruíz
  • Tras las voz
  • Cuidado con las macros ocultas
  • Perfiles e Influencias: libros, autores y cultura
  • De todo un poco con Camille
  • De Esteticista a Empresaria
  • Soy mamá por Adopción
  • Punk In Translation: Latinx Originals
  • Por nuestros niños

Registration for the next Latin Podcast Awards is now open by clicking here.


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