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Online Latino businesses continue to grow in the United States. Photo: Pixabay.

Launitec, a platform that teaches Latinos to sell online

This new technological platform focused on online education was developed by an Ecuadorian entrepreneur.


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Launitec, a virtual learning platform that teaches members of the Latino community online sales techniques not normally taught in traditional schools, is a new company created by 28-year-old Ecuadorian Galo Xavier Lara to help Latino-owned companies grow profitably in the digital spectrum.

“I believe the Hispanic community has a lot of unleashed potential that has not been noticed by the traditional educational system. I, personally, and my work team are in charge of teaching classes for entrepreneurs who are just starting and don’t really know which way to go. We give you all the support so that you have a profitable business,” said Lara.

Overcoming Obstacles Faster

Although there are several online Latino businesses with significant growth in the U.S. that have contributed to the commercialization of different products used by Americans in their daily lives, many companies of this type, with high growth potential, face difficult challenges to consolidate.

Launitec offers a flexible program of courses that budding and current entrepreneurs can put into practice from day one to jumpstart a successful career, unlike traditional higher education options where you have to wait up to 6 years to get a job.

“If you are looking to learn skills that you can put into practice from day one of study and that can give you the opportunity to start practicing as a professional in your area or build a business based on your skills, this interactive university is for you,” it is highlighted on the Launitec website.

Training Team

Launitec notes that its team of instructors is made up of respected professionals in their respective fields, pointing out their extensive experience and specific skills that allow them to offer their students cutting-edge tools for their businesses to be successful.

“Unlike traditional education our instructors have business and experience in their teaching areas. Our instructors work part-time with us on the sole condition that they are successfully practicing their profession and have a profitable business to support their teachings and not a university paper that only certifies completion of academic study,” Launitec underlines.

“Forget the tens of thousands of dollars spent on books, transportation, applications, tuition, pensions, and bureaucracies of traditional education. Our courses are normally a single payment and access with advice for life. It does not matter if you have never had higher education, if you are a beginner or advanced. Our courses teach everything from scratch and you do not need any prior knowledge to be able to learn,” it is emphasized from the educational organization.

About Launitec

Driven by a passion to teach others his eCommerce knowledge and skills, Galo Xavier Lara, along with experienced online business owners and professionals, imparts his modern way of teaching to the Hispanic community in the United States, including Latinos from Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, and Spain.


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