coronavirus tests.
The Chilean startup performs non-refundable coronavirus tests. Photo: Pixabay.

COVID tests at home thanks to Examedi

In 2022, the company plans to reach the rest of Chile and expand to other countries in the region, such as Colombia and Mexico.


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After a successful 2021, in which they had a productive run through major startup accelerators such as Y Combinator and Platanus Ventures, achieving a total investment of $3.9 million, Examedi, the Chilean reimbursable COVID-19 testing company, has set out its next goals.

Those plans are to have a presence throughout the country, as well as begin its expansion to countries like Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

Examedi offers users different types of laboratory tests, such as blood and urine, but due to the ongoing pandemic, they have focused specific success performing antigen and PCR tests for coronaviruses in patients' homes.

“If by December the number of tests carried out per day was between 200 and 250 — with a greater request for blood and/or urine tests — today, the attention and requirements are given by the PCRs. Every day, 500 and 600 of this type of tests are performed,” Juan Pablo Zepeda, COO and co-founder of Examedi, told Forbes.

He has also proposed to offer comprehensive telemedicine services, which include examinations and medications at home by the middle of 2022.

coronavirus tests

The CEO and co-founder of Examedi, Ian Lee, also said that at this time his model is easy to expand to the rest of Chile and other countries, since they have a wide network of nurses who are in charge of visiting patients and performing exams in their homes.

“It's easy for us to expand because our network of professionals serves exactly the same as Uber. So if there is one of them who lives in Patagonia, for example, then we can open Examedi in Patagonia. We handle the logistics and deliver supplies and patient information to the health worker so that he or she can treat the patients according to their closest locations,” said Lee.

Examedi works with what its creators have called a 'Health Team,' a group of independent sample takers who offer their availability to take the exams. They currently have agreements with five laboratories in various regions of Chile that process the test results.

covid test

“Through our platform, we will connect you with a professional from our Health Team who will come to your home or work at the time and day you prefer, and then will leave your tests at one of our laboratories, which will send you the results as soon as they are available,” reads the FAQ’s section of the company's website.

For Examedi, the next destination is Mexico, a market its leaders consider to be the most relevant in Latin America. Through this expansion process, the startup seeks to become a complete health operating system, providing not only medical-clinical examination services, but also kinesiology at home, a facet that is already being tested with patients.

“What we want to do is that if a patient does not schedule with Examedi, the clinic or hospital where he is treated, use our logistics. There are 37 direct health officers in our company, and we are also allowing other health providers to use our network of nurses. We have a much more immediate availability,” said Lee.


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