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The app empowers remote work. Photo: Pixabay.

Mavity, a platform for LATAM creators to connect with SMEs

Produced by Colombian immigrants, the tool connects companies with remote creative teams.


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Developed by experienced Colombian musician and marketer Tomás Uribe, who has exploited technology to support artistic expressions, like music and design for greater cultural impact, Mavity offers an excellent opportunity to foster global collaboration.

In addition to setting up a space for Latin American creatives to access a wide range of opportunities, early-stage brands, especially small and medium-sized companies, have more resources to choose high-quality creative individuals or teams, who meet with all the legal and fiscal requirements, and whose rates are adjusted to their budgets.

“Mavity is uniquely positioned to navigate the idiosyncrasies between U.S American culture and Latin American culture. This is perhaps its most vital differentiator; it opens the opportunity for global collaboration that wouldn’t normally be available,” the company points out. 

Colombian talent 

In addition to Uribe, his Colombian immigrant friend, Kristian Díaz, who currently serves as co-founder and director of technology, was involved in the development of the platform.

While Uribe focused on bringing benefits to Latino creative talent, Díaz brought his computer science and machine learning knowledge to the table, thanks to experience leading engineering teams for companies like Royal Caribbean.

Both Uribe and Díaz stress that creative projects fail in the management process, which is why Mavity was designed as the only platform with a project manager-as-a-service feature to ensure creatives can be creative and leaders can continue to lead.

Meaningful support

To date, Mavity has received funding from Pharrell Williams/Black Ambition, L'Attitude Ventures, Google Latino Founders Fund, and Techstars.

It currently serves a growing list of 13,500 creatives who work for startups in the United States, Latin America and Europe.

“Mavity is not only a marketplace through which you can hire creative teams, but also assign specific tasks to deliver. In addition, we provide the 'project management as a service' option, that is to say, the person who is going to be aware that the project is carried out in the best possible way, totally cost efficient and ensuring that both parties, both creative and customers are happy during the process," Uribe told the Colombian press.


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