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Attune Ensemble, the app for the well-being of cancer patients, now available in Spanish

Extraordinary news for people with cancer comes from the hand of Blue Note Therapeutics, and the new Spanish-language version of its application.


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Blue Note Therapeutics, a digital prescription therapy company dedicated especially to serving cancer patients, announced the launch of the new version of its Attune Ensemble OTC application  for Spanish-speaking users, a digital tool aimed at improving people's well-being who suffer from this disease.

The app, which is now available for free in Spanish-language, was designed to help patients cope with the emotional symptoms of cancer.

The healthtech highlights:

Offering Attune Ensemble OTC in Spanish-language demonstrates Blue Note Therapeutics' commitment to offering all patients access to targeted support in order to ease the burden of cancer and improve their quality of life.

Attune Ensemble OTC uses Cognitive Behavioral Stress Management (CBSM) techniques to teach targeted relaxation skills specifically to address the unique challenges of cancer.

Also, the application, which is available through the Public Health Emergency and is a complement to regular care, can be used at any stage of the disease, from initial diagnosis to survival.

"As a cancer survivor, I know the physical, financial and emotional challenges that come after a cancer diagnosis, and these challenges are often compounded when English is not your first language. Offering a free, over-the-counter therapy app, and in Spanish-language will help fill a great need for Spanish-speaking cancer patients, a community that is often overlooked,” said Daniel G. Garza, Anal Cancer Patient Advocate and Patient Advisor at Blue Note Therapeutics.

For his part, Sam Haro, product development and design quality engineer at Blue Note Therapeutics, highlighted that the application allows its users to understand and apply strategies that help them reduce the mental and emotional load in the midst of their treatments.

Attune Ensemble OTC App for Cancer Patients. Photo: Businesswire.
Attune Ensemble OTC App for Cancer Patients. Photo: Businesswire.

“I am proud to work for Blue Note Therapeutics, because they understand the importance of providing health support to the Spanish-speaking communities that I am a part of. Attune Ensemble OTC identifies the importance of support systems from family and friends, and offers information on how to create stronger bonds with those close to patients,” emphasized Haro.

Geoffrey Eich, CEO of Blue Note Therapeutics, said this is the first app of its kind.

“This is an extraordinary achievement in our efforts to expand patient access to cancer-specific mental health care; now we can welcome more members of our Hispanic, Caribbean and Latin American communities,”Eich highlighted.

Those interested in learning more about attune ensemble OTC can visit or call (415) 200-3697 to speak with a bilingual Patient Services representative.

English-speaking patients can visit to learn more about potential opportunities and support for managing emotional symptoms caused by cancer.

The webinar (held in Spanish) "Addressing the mental well-being needs of cancer patients in Spanish-speaking communities,” where it will be explained in depth how this app works, will be held on July 13.

For more information and to sign up, click here.


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