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New products for the growing Latino community. Photo: @aguapodcasts.

Agua Media presents its new podcast platform

A new content platform for the US Hispanic population makes its appearance on the market thanks to the efforts of Agua Media.


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Targeting a specific audience that is part of the New American Mainstream, Agua Media announced the launch of its new podcast network.

This segment of the population, whose members are largely young, English-speaking Latinos, has become the fastest growing combined demographic in the United States. 

“If this group were a standalone country, it would rank seventh in GDP worldwide and the third fastest-growing,” it is pointed out on the Agua Media website.

This new platform is launched in partnership with Workhouse Media, a leading audio production, content management and talent company led by Paul Anderson, whose major titles include the "Cold" true crime franchise and Ambie-nominated shows "Aftershock" and "Lovers and Friends.”

The Podcasts 

These are the first titles on the platform, which will bring to life the real experience of the Latino population:

  • “Underrated” – A five-part fictional series about gamer Melinda Gutierrez, who overcame the odds to rise to the top of the gaming world.
  • “Los Heebie Jeebees” – Stories that tackle supernatural themes, where true crime and horror come to life from the dark corners of Mexico.
  • “You are Amazing!” – Podcast featuring aspirational success stories, co-produced by Agua CCO and former Oprah Winfrey Executive Producer Corny Koehl.
  • “Campiones” – Real-life stories of Latin sports legends, such as Valenzuela, Canelo or Ronaldo.
  • “The Rick Sanchez L’Attitude!” – An engaging original product where Sánchez shares a broader perspective on the trends and events the Latino community is looking to hear about.
  • Julissa Arce, best-selling author and activist, hosts a podcast about the untold story of US Latinos and the impact that history still has on those communities today.


Agua Media is the product of the efforts of Solomon D. “Sol” Trujillo and Richard “Rick” Sánchez.

Trujillo, the first CEO to lead three successful corporations in the three corridors of the world, has stood out as a business advisor for two US presidents and is one of the co-founders of the Latino Donor Collaborative (LDC), an entity that provides entrepreneurs and political relevant data on the new conventional economy.

For his part, Sánchez, who is a writer and correspondent, was the first US Latino to host his own national newscast, “Rick's List.” In addition to being an Emmy Award winner, he has been part of three Peabody Award-winning teams and hosted the number one daytime show on CNN.

“U.S. Latinos and the New American Mainstream are once again remodeling the melting pot we call America. Their total economic output is $2.7 trillion a year—up from $1.7 trillion in 2010. This community is starting businesses at a faster rate than any other group,” highlighted Trujillo.

Sánchez also noted:

With a common age of 11, compared to Anglo Americans whose common age is 58, this group is turned off by a lot of the content out there because it doesn’t get who they are. Agua’s mission is to present stories through a wider perspective, keeping with the needs of this vast and young mainstream economic force.

About Agua Media

This content platform, "much needed for both podcast listeners and podcast creators who make up the New American Mainstream,” offers through its products a broader perspective of the stories and approaches them from the lens of the new Latino communities. From current events to true crime, horror, lifestyle and humor, Agua Media seeks to meet all the needs of these developing audiences.


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