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This is Noticias Newswire, the new face of Latinx Newswire

In addition to the name change, the press release distribution service announced the expansion of its coverage network in the Hispanic media.


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The news release distribution service for the Hispanic market, formerly known as Latinx Newswire, has officially unveiled its new name and icon during the announcement of the ambitious expansion strategy for its guaranteed coverage media platform.

Noticias Newswire, as this company that offers communications services aimed at the Hispanic community in the United States is already known, now connects with a network of more than 12,000 Latino journalists and influencers to obtain guaranteed coverage on more than 180 websites.

The new image, which symbolizes the unity, growth and success of Hispanics, is the product of a series of strategic alliances with the media to make this firm the largest coverage network in this market, in terms of number of media.

“For PR professionals, marketers, small businesses and organizations trying to reach U.S. Hispanic media and influencers for coverage of their announcements, traditional wire services haven’t offered them strong Hispanic reach, cost-effectiveness or a nuanced understanding of the market. Noticias Newswire’s laser-focused dedication to the Hispanic market, our new guaranteed placement partnerships and our embrace of affordable multimedia make it a powerful, incomparable value platform for greater visibility,” said Bill Gato, Noticias Newswire CEO, in a statement.

Solid Expansion

Thanks to guaranteed coverage in 232 general market outlets, as well as on websites like Google News, Yahoo! Finance, AOL, MarketWatch and Associated Press, Noticias Newswire's combined media and influencer reach offers access to at least 412 websites with each national distribution.

With its renewed image, this Latino owned and operated platform continues its expansion process that began in December 2021 by partnering with LunaSol Media and its network of Hispanic communities and websites, including Latina MeetUp, MiraClick, HispanicYa, Danay. net and The AMIGOS Club.

In January of this year, Noticias Newswire's exclusive collaboration with Enrique Kogan, the influential Hispanic automotive journalist who has made the content of his 102 specialized websites available to the public, was also announced.

Kogan stood out when signing the alliance:

This is a strategic alliance that will strengthen the quality and distribution of content to Hispanic media in the United States.

For its part, Noticias Newswire added six new partners in the last month, including LatinaStyle Magazine, Latina Cool, El Hispano News, Wehpa, La Nota Latina and Raised by Latinos (click here for the full list of media partners).

Additionally, the websites and digital communities that automatically publish the press releases of Noticias Newswire clients now include outlets such as Miami's Diario Las Américas, El Latino San Diego, Latin Life Denver and El Mundo Boston.

“Our aim is to have the premier Hispanic guaranteed placement network to empower PR pros and marketers to increase the visibility of their announcements to the largest minority demographic in the United States,” said Noticias Newswire COO Jersain “Jay” Cruz

The firm will also continue to work closely with leading general market press release services, such as GlobeNewswire and NewsDirect, and the leading Hispanic SEO and marketing firm Hispanic Market Advisors.

About Noticias Newswire

Co-founded in 2013 by Hispanic public relations and media industry entrepreneurs Manny Ruiz, Katherine Johnson-Gunn and Cristy Clavijo-Kish, Noticias Newswire pioneered the concept of zero charges for excess words, a common practice of Large distribution services that charge by the number of words in a press release.

They also stand out in this market by introducing the concept of including multiple images and videos within a press release at no additional cost.

“With additional images and videos, press releases appear more attractive and garner more coverage,” it was pointed out from Noticias Newswire.


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