Jorge Titinger, member of the Board of Directors at Ichor Holdings.
Jorge Titinger is a member of the Latino Corporate Directors Association (LCDA). Photo: @LatinoDirectors.

Ichor Holdings announces a Latino member for its Board of Directors

The technology company announced the addition of corporate strategist Jorge Titinger to its Board of Directors.


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Ichor Holdings, Ltd., a leading design, engineering and manufacturing company for critical fluid delivery subsystems and components for semiconductor capital equipment, announced the addition of Jorge Titinger to its Board of Directors.

Titinger, who on his LinkedIn profile describes himself as “a highly analytical and incisive Strategist, Leadership Consultant, Speaker and Board member, with 30+ years of experience directing substantial growth and leading the turnaround of underperforming organizations,” is a recognized board member and C-level executive noted for driving the development of effective leadership strategies and implementing new processes across all business areas.

“Jorge brings over 30 years of leadership experience in the semiconductor equipment and computing industries, and a strong track record of accomplishment in his positions as CEO. In addition, his many years of corporate governance experience for publicly-traded companies in our industry will make him a valuable contributor to our board,” said Tom Rohrs, executive chairman of Ichor.

Jorge Titinger's Career

Titinger, who currently serves as a director of CalAmp Corp., Axcelis Technologies, Inc., and FormFactor, Inc., positions he has held since June 2015, August 2019, and June 2021, respectively, studied at Stanford University and holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering Management, as well as a Master and Bachelor of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering.

He was recognized as CEO of the Year for Operational Excellence by CEO World Awards in 2013, and received the award as one of the Top 100 Latinos in Technology by HITEC for 5 years. In 2017, he received the Estrella Award by HITEC as the top Latino in technology.

Titinger also served as a director of Xcerra Corporation, from October 2012 until its acquisition in 2018 by Cohu, Inc., where he continued to serve as a director until May 2021.

From 2012 to 2016, Titinger served as president, director, and CEO of Silicon Graphics, Inc. He was also president, CEO, and director of Verigy, Ltd. in 2011.

Titinger has also held executive positions at FormFactor, Inc., KLA Tencor Corporation, Applied Materials, Inc., and Hewlett Packard Company, while serving on several private and nonprofit boards, including the Silicon Valley Hispanic Foundation Board, the Stanford Children's Hospital, and the Silicon Valley Education Foundation.

Currently, he is the CEO of Titinger Consulting, a private consulting and advisory services firm that he founded in November 2016, which focuses on providing advice on strategy, corporate transformation, and culture to its clients.

Titinger is also Director of the Alliance of CEOs, where he leads a group of CEOs from different industries on their journey to maximize their success.

“Ichor plays a critical role in the manufacturing of the world’s semiconductors and chip equipment, and I am honored to join the board of directors. Since its IPO, the company has expanded its served addressable markets through strategic and accretive acquisitions. I look forward to contributing to Ichor’s future successes, as it continues to drive continued growth of its served markets and longer-term margin expansion story through execution of new product development initiatives,” highlighted Titinger.

Titinger is also a newly published author. He co-wrote the book “Differences that make a Difference” with Pedro Espinoza (2019). The book aims to show how inclusion and diversity have a positive impact on the results and income statement of companies. In their research, they personally interviewed more than 150 executives from different industries and continents and contributed their views to the book.


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