President & CEO of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Ramiro Cavazos. Photo: Peter Fitzpatrick / AL DÍA News.
President & CEO of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Ramiro Cavazos. Photo: Peter Fitzpatrick / AL DÍA News.

U.S. Hispanic Chamber chooses Las Vegas to host its 2021 National Conference

The 42nd annual USHCC National Conference is America’s largest gathering of Hispanic business leaders.


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The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) is hosting its annual National Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada this year. 

It is the 42nd year of the National Convention, and serves as America’s largest annual gathering of Hispanic business leaders. The event serves as the meeting ground for thousands of community leaders and advocates, elected and appointed officials, a network of more than 260 affiliated Hispanic Chambers of Commerce nationwide, members of the corporate, philanthropic and academic communities, entrepreneurs, college students and more. 

This year’s convention returns to in-person after going virtual last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is excited to host our 2021 National Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, a state and city fueled by the economic power, tenacity, and resilience of Hispanic-owned businesses,” said Ramiro A. Cavazos, USHCC President & CEO, in an announcement about this year’s event.

According to the U.S. Census, Hispanics make up about 33% of the population in Las Vegas, and about 29% of the overall population in Nevada. The state also has the sixth-highest percentage of Hispanic-owned businesses in the nation at 6.2%, and has provided more than 34,000 jobs across the state.

"In Nevada, our diverse culture and community is our strength, and I am glad that the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce recognizes that and is bringing thousands of Hispanic leaders to the Silver State," Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak said in a press release.

The determination and resolve of the Hispanic business community nationwide has shone through during crisis before and has been a driving force in the U.S.’s economic recovery. 

Between 2007-12, the number of Latino-owned businesses grew by 3.3%, while non-Latino-owned businesses declined by 3.6% during that same time frame. 

During the USHCC Legislative Summit in March, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen expressed confidence in Hispanic business owners again being a driving force as the nation looks to move forward from the pandemic.

“I’m confident Hispanic entrepreneurs can lead us out of crisis again. Hispanic workers can power our recovery — potentially in an even bigger way than a decade ago — so long as we remove some of the longstanding barriers that have been in the way of prosperity,” said Yellen. 

One of the missions of the USHCC is to accelerate Hispanic business growth and prosperity by developing better access and innovation to capital, capacity-building and connections.

Currently, there are 4.7 million Hispanic-owned businesses in the United States and are responsible for 78% of the growth of the U.S. labor force since 2008, according to a recent report from the Latino Donor Collaborative. 

Overall, the Latino community in the U.S. represents an annual economic impact of $2.6 trillion.  

The conference will be three days long, and feature more than 25 workshops, keynote speakers, engagement from local, state and federal government officials, informative plenary sessions and remarks from leading business experts across different sectors. 

Each session will seek to inform and empower the Hispanic community and spotlight the integral role that Latinos play politically, economically and socially. 

The 2021 United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce National Conference will take place between September 26, 2021 to September 28, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 


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