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Latino “truths” in U.S. traditional media

In a talk it was raised that they often do not highlight the positive news.


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Finally the L’ATTITUDE event is underway. And to kick off this important meeting that brings together the best of Latino-Hispanic leadership in the United States, Rick Sánchez, CEO of Agua Media, a digital media firm created for the Spanish-speaking public, presented an inspiring talk about the Latino representation in the media today.

“Finally, Latino Truths in Media” is the name of this session in which Sánchez highlighted relevant aspects of the influence of Latinos on the U.S. economy and culture that are often overlooked by the mainstream media.

Sánchez, who is recognized for having been a presenter on networks such as CNN and CBS for many years, stressed that although the Hispanic population represents an important part of the U.S. economy and has created more jobs than other groups, the existing media are not telling that reality, one that needs to start being shared to change the narrative that has been established with stereotypes and false information.

What is Agua Media?

This firm, founded by Sánchez in the company of L’ATTITUDE's president, Sol Trujillo, stands out for the production of podcasts focused on the US Latino community, offering a broader perspective of the conversations, and the narration of stories and interviews "through the lens of new Latinas and mainstream Latinos."

Sol Trujillo highlighted during the event:

Rick is working to become the voice on those issues that need to be told.

The platform offers both an opportunity for listeners to access culturally relevant content, and a space where new creators can share their ideas and visions.

Among the most outstanding podcasts of Agua Media, the following stand out:

  • “Rick Sánchez News” — A podcast that breaks down stereotypes and misconceptions about Latinos in the United States.
  • “Cathy Fernández Spiritual Health” — A podcast for those seeking direction, focus, and meaning in their lives.
  • “Yes, This Happen” — A podcast about those unexplained moments in our lives that we are often too afraid to share for fear of being ridiculed.

Sánchez was impressed by the growth of the company's audiences and is sure that it has an audience eager to hear their stories.

“People are really consuming them, and it makes me happy because they are Latino truths,” said Sánchez.

2022 L'ATTITUDE Event in San Diego, CA. Photo: Screenshot from the live stream.
2022 L'ATTITUDE Event in San Diego, CA. Photo: Screenshot from the live stream. 

Highlighting the New American Mainstream

Driven largely by English-speaking Latino youth, it is the fastest growing and most entrepreneurial combined demographic in the United States, making up 20% of the population. If this group were an independent country, it would rank fifth in world GDP, according to the latest 2022 LDC U.S. Latino GDP Report.

During the talk, the conclusion was reached that in addition to the stereotypes often spread by traditional media, it is also the responsibility of the leaders and other members of the Latino communities to unite so that the entire United States listens to the truths about Latinos in the country and its valuable collaboration to sustain the economy in these moments of crisis.

"We are far behind. Bringing out that voice is our mission," noted Albert Rodríguez, president of Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc., who accompanied Sánchez on stage.

Latino Truths

Despite the fact that there are many scenarios in which Hispanics excel in the U.S., the talk could not last longer and only a mouthful was left.

Here are some of the facts the media should be reporting about Latinos to change the narrative:

  • The percentage of Latinos who pay taxes in the U.S. is 100%, despite misleading news and comments, including those made at the time by former President Donald Trump.
  • Latinos are responsible each year for subsidizing social security services such as Medicare and the payment of retirement plans in the U.S.
  • Do Latinos get a lot of welfare? This population group uses 28% less wellness benefits than other communities.
  • Do Latinos commit more crimes? Illegal immigrants are 40% less likely to be arrested than Native Americans (95% less). On television, it is presented in a way contrary to reality.

Both Sánchez and Rodríguez pointed out that the approach to these communities must be changed, often with disrespectful and ignorant behaviors and content that do not honor the enormous contributions that these populations make on a daily basis, actions that would not be tolerated if another race were the object of this mockery.

And beyond a matter of principles and a fight against discrimination, Sánchez and Rodríguez invite media executives in the U.S. to review the levels of audience and purchasing power around the Latino-Hispanic communities, so that their companies are not left out of being relevant to this leading population.

“Hispanic music is the most listened to in the world right now,” said Rodríguez, who also expressed that at the moment the most listened to radio station in the U..S is a Hispanic station, La Mega, in New York.

“We have to work closer today. We have to be more united. We have to speak loudly about these issues,” stressed Rodríguez.


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