Amy Wilson has been making her own ice cream for over a decade. Photo: Instagram.
Amy Wilson has been making her own ice cream for over a decade. Photo: Instagram.

Unpacking the unique ice creams of Milk Jawn, Philly’s newest ice cream sensation

Care for some Earl Grey Honeycomb ice cream? How about some Malted Toffee Crunch? There’s plenty more where they came from.


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The COVID-19 pandemic forced many restless people in Philly to find a fun, safe, hobby they could focus on in the safety of their own homes.

That is how Milk Jawn, a pop-up, and delivery ice cream company in Kensington, was born, and has since become a well-known ice cream brand in Philly.

Amy Wilson, its founder, is a lover of all things ice cream, and has been making it for fun for more than a decade.

“I decided to start messing with different recipes, we were just playing around, and we just decided to turn it into a business,” Wilson said in a recent interview with AL DÍA News.

She got in touch with her friend, Ryan Miller, a local chef for over two decades that found himself out of work like millions of other Americans amid COVID-19.

“I was looking for something new and fun to do, and here we are bringing joy into people’s homes,” Miller said.

The friends went into business together just as the pandemic hit.

“We were too far into it to not start our business, “Miller said.

Instead of halting their dreams of owning a unique pop-up ice cream shop, Wilson and Miller went for it and opened Milk Jawn in June 2020.

Their unusual flavors quickly caught the attention of people in the community. 

The business is focused on customers ordering online and the ice cream being delivered right to their doors.

“I mean, who doesn’t want ice cream delivered straight to their homes?” said Miller.

It has been a success, but Wilson and Miller are in no rush to open a storefront.

“We are building slowly towards our business location,” said Miller. “We got ourselves a commercial location where we can make our ice cream.”

Some of their most iconic flavors include “Take Me Out to the Phillies” ice cream, which is made with a Pop Secret buttered popcorn base, mixed with peanuts and caramel.

“Take me Out to the Phillies” is a limited-edition flavor.

In addition to delivery, customers can also pick up their ice cream order at Stone’s Beverage on Fairmount Ave.

Milk Jawn is also located at several different locations across the Philly area, such as Pizza Brain in Fishtown, Parlous Ice Cream Shop in Ardmore, and Alif Brew & Mini Mart in West Philly.

Around 90% of Milk Jawn’s ice creams are made with only five ingredients.

“We try to use local ingredients, all of our mixes are made from scratch,” said Miller. “We try to make our ice cream simple and good.”

One of their best-known ice cream flavors is their Earl Grey Honeycomb ice cream. 

The flavor is created by steeping tea directly into the milk and cream. They then infuse the ice cream with their homemade honeycomb candy. The candy gives the ice cream sweet and fragrant notes.

“Our ideas come from all different kinds of places,” said Wilson.

If you are daring and want to try something new, like their Malted Toffee Crunch ice cream, give Milk Jawn a try and have it delivered right to your door!


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