Kushner and his brother Price opened up their deli in March 2019. Photo: Up-RYES.
Kushner and his brother Price opened up their deli in March 2019. Photo: Up-RYES.

up-RYES Bagel & Deli, an eatery on the rise in Bryn Mawr

The spot right off the Regional Rail is known for its breakfast sandwiches. 


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Bagels are reliable, delicious, and perfect for people constantly on the go, which is the reason why Jared Kushner’s father always ate them to start his day when Kushner was growing up.

“Growing up in South Florida and our dad would eat it just about every day of the week before work,” said Kushner, co-owner of up-RYES Bagel & Deli.“We would go to bagel joints.”

In the process, Jared became the ultimate foodie, like his father, who eventually inspired him to open his own eatery.

“This is definitely my background and what I grew up with,” he said. 

His business partner was his brother, Price.

Not long after working together, the pair opened up-Ryes Bagel & Deli in March 2019 near the Bryn Mawr Regional Rail train station and Villanova University.

It was a good location, and one the brothers would be thankful for in a year’s time.

As the COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on small businesses everywhere, Kushner and his brother had to make quick adjustments to stay relevant and serve customers.

“We had to scale down the menu, we also set out some chairs and tables for people to eat outside,” said Kushner.

They were able to keep their staff as a result.

While the brothers are waiting to see when restrictions will be lifted, they are still managing to use organic, homemade, and eco friendly foods. The choice comes from Jared’s prior experience in the food industry.

“I worked in the restaurant business my whole life and food is always important to me,” said Kushner. “We use organic eggs, and free-bird chicken.”

His farm-to-table method has been a hit, many people stop by to pick up their sandwiches. Cost is also a factor.

“We’re also not trying to hit a huge price point with our food,” he said.

Their most popular sandwich is something called the Supernova.

The breakfast sandwich consists of classic Nova lox, freshly whipped cream cheese, capers, tomato, and onions for an extra crunch.

“A lot of Villanova students think that we named our sandwich after them,” said Kushner.

Another sandwich that’s simple, but offers a different touch is their bacon egg and cheese sandwich that you can get on a homemade bagel, or freshly made pané rustico bread. 

Their bacon is also sourced from a farm in Lancaster.

“We also have Bean2bean coffee that is out in Fishtown,” he said.

The brothers also have a sandwich called ‘The Hungry Jack,’ a creation that will keep you full until dinner.

It is made with homemade Brisket, two fried eggs, and cheddar cheese topped with a horseradish aioli and spicy tomato jam on a classic homemade challah bun.

If that sounds up your alley, check out up-RYES Bagel and Deli’s menu and order on GrubHub if you are in the neighborhood.


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