Mexican actress Silvia Pinal. Photo by Telediario.
Mexican actress Silvia Pinal. Photo: Telediario.

Silvia Pinal hospitalized with COVID

Mexican actress, Silvia Pinal has been hospitalized after testing positive for COVID-19.


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On Wednesday, Dec. 22, Mexican actress Silvia Pinal presented a low heart rate and high blood pressure, and was immediately taken to the hospital where she was diagnosed with COVID-19. She remains hospitalized, and according to statements made by her children, it is known that Pinal is in stable condition.

"Yesterday her heart rate dropped, her blood pressure went up, they gave her medicine to lower it and she reacted very abruptly, and that's when we decided to take her by ambulance. They are putting a catheter in her and she has COVID, we found out when they did the second test at the hospital, she is very mild and is in a secluded place," said Alejandra Guzmán in a television interview.

Despite Pinal's vaccinated status, the Mexican movie diva caught the virus and began to show anomalies.

"My mom had a little bit of arrhythmia, some breathing problems. First they gave her glucose, then another one to wake her up a little bit. It seems to be that everything is complications of COVID, we believe that it was during the weekend that she got infected, even after three days COVID symptoms appeared," said her son Luis Enrique.

The children assure that the 90-year-old actress has shown improvement with treatment, and now she is stable and in good spirits.

"Since yesterday, she was already stable, her heart was already with a better heart rate, it was lowered by the medicine she was given and we had to wait 12 hours to see if she would be put a pacemaker or not, because of her age and because it is a way for so much medicine to help...she has very small veins, my mother has always had a very strong heart and the doctor is very positive," they said to the press.

Alejandra and Luis Enrique will undergo the test after having spent the last few hours with their mother.

"We have to wait to see what the doctor says, but my mother is strong, she is in good health and the COVID is mild," said Alejandra.



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