The series on the Argentine national team will also tell the story of its captain, Lionel Messi. Photo: gettyimages.
The series on the Argentine national team will also tell the story of its captain, Lionel Messi. Photo: Getty Images.

Argentine national football goes to the small screen

The Argentine soccer team will have its own television series, premiering July 10 on Amazon Prime video.


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The new show, Argentina Selection, The Series tells the story of the Argentine soccer team, 'La Albiceleste,' which rouses local and international passions.

The production reviews all the matches that were held during the 2021 Copa América, a competition that Argentina won after having tried — unsuccessfully — for 28 years.

“It is an honor to be able to be part of the history of the national team and leave it embodied in a series. We are extremely happy together with Scaloni, and all the guys from AFA. This is the first World Cup without Diego and we are all very involved and sensitive," Claudio Tapia, the president of the Argentine Football Association, said in a statement.

The production also followed everything experienced in the Qualifiers on the way to the World Cup in Qatar. In this competition, which will be held in December 2022, the South American team will fight to take home the third World Cup in its history.

“It is an honor for Prime Video to celebrate together with the Argentine soccer team, their path and victory in the Copa America. Also follow your journey to Qatar 2022 in a unique and intimate way. It is exciting to be part of this special moment for this great team. The same led by Messi, who is at his best in years," said Pablo Iacoviello, director of the Amazon Prime for the Southern Cone, Andean Region, Central America and the Caribbean.

The series will show exclusive scenes and testimonies of Argentine soccer players who are recognized for their careers in the most competitive leagues in the world. It will also focus on telling the story of coach Lionel Scaloni, who has been manager of the senior team since 2017. Since then, the former player revived the mystique of the team by combining experienced talent with the youngest, and renewed the hopes of La Albiceleste fans. He also recently set a record by leading his team to 31 games without defeat.

In the episodes, there are also frequent interactions with Lionel Messi, one of the most gifted players of his generation and arguably the best ever.

"We will show the feeling of a willing people with this generation of players and especially with our captain," said Víctor Santa María, general coordinator of Grupo Octubre, the company that produces the series alongside Prime Video.

Argentina Selection, the Series will premiere exclusively on the Amazon Prime Video on July 10 in 240 countries.

The director is Sebastián Dietsch, while Gonzalo Arias and Martin Méndez are the showrunners.


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