Jennifer Lopez and Maluma star in the new romantic comedy "Marry Me," which is already in the top 10 at the Canadian and U.S. box office.
Jennifer Lopez and Maluma star in the new romantic comedy 'Marry Me,' which is already in the top 10 at Canadian and U.S. box offices.

J.Lo and Maluma star in the new rom-com 'Marry me'

'Marry Me,' the drama starring J.Lo and Maluma, is leading the box office in the U.S. and Canada a week after its premiere.


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The rom-com starring Puerto Rican actress, singer, and businesswoman Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson, and Maluma is atop the box office a week after its premiere.

Marry Me is the debut of Maluma in a feature film. However, it is not his very first role in cinema, as he was also part of the Disney animated movie Encanto — recently nominated for an Oscar in three categories — in which he voices Mariano.

“This one is to the dreamers, to those who believe that impossible is nothing and who fight with discipline every single day to achieve their goals. And also to the people who did not trust on me,” Maluma posted on Instagram.


Being next to J.Lo and Wilson inspired Maluma to dream about other leading roles on the big screen. He believes Marry Me is the beginning of his acting career and now he's shooting for the stars. He dreams of becoming the next Batman: the Latino Batman.

“I would like to break that stereotype. I could take my career to the next level and represent our culture,” he said in an interview. 

A special rom-com for J.Lo

Marry Me, based on the graphic novel of the same name by Bobby Crosby, is directed by the American filmmaker Kat Coiro. It tells the story of a pop star Kat Valdez who is abandoned by her rock star fiancé Bastian, played by Maluma.

The proposal was set to take place in a concert at Madison Square Garden in New York, in front of a crowd of fans. Facing her new reality, Kat decides to randomly choose an assistant from the public: a man named Charlie Gilbert (played by Wilson) who was holding a Marry Me sign during the event. The math teacher, who attended the event accompanied by his daughter and best friend, becomes Bastian's replacement and the person who marries Valdez even if they do not know each other. 

Besides playing the star role and being a producer of the film, López performs several unreleased songs in Marry Me. This is the first time she sings in a movie. The last time J.Lo appeared as a leading actress was in the biopic, Selena (1997), in which acted, but did not sing.

Leading the box office

The 112 minute-long rom-com aired on streaming platforms and premiered in Canada and the United States theaters a week ago. In this short period of time, the American movie was in the top 10 of leading movies in the box office in both countries.

It is one of the three productions J.Lo plans to premiere in 2022. The others are: The Mother, with Gael García, and Shotgun Wedding, with Josh Duhamel.


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