The documentary exposes Curruchich's commitment to the Mayan people and culture in an intimate way. PHOTOGRAPHY: Desde Nuestro Muxu'x
The documentary showcases Curruchich's commitment to the Mayan people and culture. Graphic: Desde Nuestro Muxu'x

'Desde Nuestro Muxu’x': The documentary about Sara Curruchich and the indigenous communities of Guatemala

Cine Latino will broadcast at different schedules the award-winning documentary that follows part of the Raíz tour of Mayan Kaqchikel singer-songwriter Sara…


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On April 11, Cine Latino the documentary Desde Nuestro Muxu'x in the U.S. and Latin America. The film follows the Raíz tour of the Mayan Kaqchikel singer-songwriter Sara Curruchich in 2017 as well as her interventions in different indigenous communities in Guatemala. It also delves into the profile as an indigenous rights activist of the artist.

The documentary is directed by Juan Pablo Rojas and produced by SarapeFilms in a co-production between Mexico and Guatemala. Its first broadcast was April 11, but will be repeated on different days and schedules depending on the broadcast area.

Sara Curruchich expressed her enthusiasm about this acquisition: "I am very excited to share the documentary Desde Nuestro Muxu'x in Cine Latino. It is a space where we can also get to know and publicize the diverse proposals that are being made. In addition, it becomes a way to accompany us in different territories throughout Latin America".

Desde Nuestro Muxu'x is a 25-minute documentary that intimately exposes Curruchich's commitment to the Mayan people and culture, portraying the men and women she visits and with whom she dialogues to promote social awareness.

It portrays the Raíz tour that the singer did in 2017, as well as 15 indigenous communities in Guatemala that she visits: Santa Catarina Palopó, Patzicía, Santiago Atitlán, San Andrés Semetabaj, San Antonio Palopó, San Francisco El Alto or San Juan Comalapa, where Sara was born.

"The Raíz community tour revitalized the importance of collectivity, solidarity and above all community. It is wonderful all the articulation that the tour has left, the art; that possibility of learning from so many struggles, resistances of different peoples, as well as the joys and convictions, because they are an example and will continue to be so for all the way," said Curruchich.

Indigenous rights

Sara Curruchich (1993) is especially known for her song "Resistir" and her lyrics in favor of women's rights and indigenous rights, which is why she incorporates elements of folklore such as the marimba. She has also written about the Mayas of Guatemala, the Kaqchiquel, exposing part of their spirituality or their costumes.

The documentary shows how the singer-songwriter seeks with his art to promote gender equality and denounce the inequality of women in the indigenous communities that she loves so much:

"I am very happy, I am very happy because this is a recognition of the work of the communities, it is a recognition that art is a way to build peace, it is a way to build community and collectivity, to continue sharing memory and history."



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