Argentine actor Gastón Pauls plays one of the main characters on the series 'Barrabrava.' Photo: Capture The Nine.
Argentine actor Gastón Pauls plays one of the main characters on the series 'Barrabrava.' Photo: Capture The Nine.

'Barrabrava': The Argentinian TV series about football and power

The series 'Barrabrava' is the latest Argentinian production on Amazon Prime Video, and will be released in 2023.



“After a fierce internal dispute, the Polaco brothers [played by Matías Mayer] and César [played by Gastón Pauls], are expelled from the barra brava of Club Atlético Libertad del Puerto, where they remained under the orders of 'El Tío' [Gustavo Garzon]. Unprotected and unable to count on political power to protect them, both brothers will try to survive in a hostile and marginal world, while preparing a war that will challenge their personal ties,” reads the synopsis of the new Argentinian series Barrabrava

In this production, "soccer is only a pretext, betrayal is only a means, and power is only a goal," according to a release from Amazon Prime Video. Barrabrava is a drama that touches on betrayal, lust, and ambition.

"It is a story of men despised by the system, who find a place of belonging and respect in the stands of the stadium, among the enthusiasm of the fans," said Amazon Prime Video.

In addition to Mayer and Pauls, the cast of the new Argentinian television series is made up of Violeta Narvay, Mónica Gonzaga, Gustavo Garzón, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, Cristian Salguero, Martín Oviedo, Paloma Contreras, Liz Solari, Candelaria Molfese, Pablo Alarcón, Roberto Vallejos, Neo Pistea, Ángelo Mutti Spinetta and special guest Eva De Dominici.

The Prime original was created by Jesús Braceras, Gabriel Nicoli, Lucía Garibaldi and Felipe Aparicio.

“What made me face this project is having felt that the universe of violence around the fans of the soccer teams has not been shown with depth and realism. Together with Prime Video, we have created the first series that delves into the intimacy of this universe through a family, exploring their most intimate pains and lacks. It is on its protagonists and their links that the story focuses," Braceras said.

The script of the series was written by Gabriel Nicoli in collaboration with Diego Fió, Mariana Wainstein and Bruno Luciani.

Barrabrava also joins a growing list of series produced in Argentina for Prime Video, including Maradona: Blessed Dream, Porno and Ice Cream, and the football production Selección Argentina, la serie, which recounts the history of La Albiceleste on its way to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The new series started shooting in 2021, and will premiere exclusively on the streaming platform in 2023.


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