The Mexican actor Jaime Camil will star Vicente Fernandez series. Credits: Jaime Camil - Facebook
The Mexican actor Jaime Camil will star as Vicente Fernandez in the new series surrounding his life. Credits: Jaime Camil - Facebook

The promising career of Mexico's Jaime Camil

The Mexican actor stars in one of the most-watched movies on HBO Max, and will also portray Vicente Fernández in a new TV series.


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Netflix and the Colombian Television network Caracol TV are in charge of the new TV series surrounding the life of Vicente Fernández. Caracol TV will air the series in Colombia and Netflix will stream it worldwide. 

The Idol of People is the name of the series based on the Mexican legend, who died on Dec. 12, 2021. 

The leading actor will be the Mexico's Jaime Camil. Other actors in the series playing Chente at different stages of his life are Camil Fabricio Serna, Sebastián García and Sebastián Duarte. 

Camil previously participated in numerous television projects, such as La fea más bella. Now with The Idol of People on the horizon, he feels honored to have been chosen to play such an iconic character not only for Mexican music, but also for all of Latin America.

“I am always watching interviews, watching his life. It's amazing how that man put ranchera music on the world map,” Camil said in an interview.

“Playing Vicente Fernández is the biggest and most important challenge that has ever come to my life,” he continued.

The family of  'El Charro de Huentitán,' one of Fernández’s nicknames approved the new TV production. Camil is very close to Chente’s relatives, especially to Alejandro, Vicente’s son,  who he sent his condolences after the singer’s death. 

The shooting of The Idol of People will take place at various locations in Mexico and the United States. It will feature 36 episodes, and its release date is still undetermined. 

An ambitious acting career 

Before he started in acting, Camil studied business administration at university and worked in radio. In the entertainment industry, he also worked as a producer and director. Best-known worldwide for his television career, especially in the United States, he only recently dove into movies. 

One of the best-known is his performance as a villain in the thriller Kimi alongside Zoë Kravitz.

The film, directed by Steven Soderbergh, premiered on Feb. 10 on HBO Max, and is one of the most-watched movies on the platform. 


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