Los Trovadorcitos, a group of child filmmakers in Bolivia.
Los Trovadorcitos, a group of child filmmakers in Bolivia. Photo: EFE.

Children filmmakers in Bolivia premiere their film, 'Otro día más'

"Los Trovadorcitos" is a group of Bolivian children who want to reflect on the problems affecting children in the country through film and poetry. 


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“Los trovadorcitos” is a group of Bolivian children between five and 15 years old. They live in the city of El Alto, and have worked together on their passion for poetry and cinema over the past four years.

Together, they opened a space for debate about the problems experienced by children, their fears, their anxieties, and also dreams, such as theater and cinema. On July 26, they will make their debut in a municipal theater in the city of La Paz with their first feature film, Otro día más.

Jhosney Paca is one of the directors and responsible for the script of the project, along with Alexandra Calle.

At first, Otro día más was intended as a series of short films about stories of interest to children, but the project mutated on the fly and became an 80-minute film.

The film was shot thanks to the self-management of these children and their families. They used Paca's mother's cell phone, and both parents of the young director had roles in the film.

Otro día más tells the story of two brothers, David and Jorge, who live in an environment of family violence, with an alcoholic father and a mother who leaves home. The brothers look for ways to support themselves and work selling candy to get by.

Franklin Casas, who plays the older brother, told EFE that the circumstance is "something real" in Bolivian society. The film is a fusion of Bolivian popular and social theater.

The children confessed that the process was complicated, and they researched news stories about cases of violence against children to be able to "capture in the performance." 

But the team was very persevering, and along the way they met many people who supported them. According to Paca, it is important that society "gives more importance to children" and they, as a group, want to continue sending messages such as respect for children, love for animals and care for the environment, and above all to continue dreaming.


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