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Supporting the next generation of Hispanic creators. Photo: Pixabay.

Walmart joins NGL Collective to empower new Latino filmmakers

John Leguízamo is one of the co-founders of the NGL Collective.


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Seeking to bridge the gap in the film industry for the Latino creative community, the leading U.S. Latino media and entertainment company NGL Collective and Walmart have teamed up to guide the next generation of diverse filmmakers in making an impact in Hollywood through a strategically designed incubator.

John Leguízamo, co-founder of NGL Collective, actor, writer, and producer, noted:

I am excited to play a role in the development of these young Latino filmmakers.

What's the program?

The incubator offers a seven-week accelerated film plan, which takes place between November and January, and will allocate resources to eight Latino filmmakers that will allow them to properly train and better position themselves in front of Hollywood studios and producers.

The aspiring filmmakers, who were chosen through a call on mitú's social platforms as well as from a network of colleges and universities across the country, and also selected the winners based on their personal stories and creative vision.

During the program, Leguízamo will present a special tutorial where he will offer his first-hand experience to elevate the content and skills of these young filmmakers.

The new merger between NGL and mitú, which took place earlier this year, will grant recipients access to mitúStudios, based in Los Angeles, California, where they will have the opportunity to work alongside other Latino creators on multiple projects, including the development, production and editing of their short films.

Development materials created include three-act structures, story circles, scripts, shot lists, storyboards, and mood boards for production design.

“I am excited to see firsthand the impact that this program will make in the media and entertainment industry. While there is still progress to be made, these are the kinds of efforts that increase Latinx representation in the entertainment industry in front of and behind the camera. NGL Collective and our mitú platform is more committed than ever to being a part of the solution for more inclusion within the industry,” said Leguízamo.

Empowering Latino Creators

Originating from MAPA, mitú's Accelerator Program for the Arts, the program will take participants through the entire storytelling process, including writing and directing, alongside Creative Director and award-winning director Ben DeJesus.

Also, in order to further support each learner, Walmart will provide each of them with a Creator Kit consisting of a GoPro camera, sound equipment, lighting equipment, and more to provide learners with the resources to continue creating content and honing his craft long after the completion of the accelerator program.

“Walmart recognizes Latinos are a critical part of this country's creativity, inspiration, and culture. In looking to support this community and amplify authentic experiences, we could think of no better partner than NGL Collective,” said D.J. Vaughn, director of multicultural marketing partnerships at Walmart U.S.

For his part, DeJesus, stated: "As a Latino in media, I see the value this program brings to young filmmakers. When I began my career, there wasn't anything like it and now with the help of our partners at Walmart, we're delivering the promise of storytelling in the language of each individual's experiences through their voices and talents.”


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