Yusa, Inez Barlatier and Keba, three women of the African diaspora in the Caribbean. 
Yusa, Inez Barlatier and Keba, three women of the African diaspora in the Caribbean.

Women of the Caribbean: A concert of three women of African diaspora

On Saturday, June 26, Women of the Caribbean will give a unique, in-person, open-air concert in Miami.


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This weekend, singer-songwriters Yusa, Inez Barlatier and Keba, three women from the African diaspora in the Caribbean, will perform together for the first time in a unique show. The stage will be the Koubek Center in Miami's Little Havana and the performanc, a unique, in-person, open-air concert with "very intimate sets." 

The three dynamic and powerful performers headline the concert divided into three sets, one by Cuban-born Yusa, one by Haitian-American Inez Barlatier, and a third by Keba, born in Trinidad and Tobago and rooted like the others in Miami.

The director of the Koubek Center, Melissa Messulam, organized this show to "reopen" the center after a year working "online" during the pandemic.

"We wanted to do a fun show, representing what Miami is all about, honoring the spirit of what we have here. It's the first time they've performed together. On a programming level I like to mix certain things up," Messulam explained.

Each of the artists will bring a particularity to the sounds of the Caribbean, because despite the common roots, each artist has appropriated the music from her personality. On the one hand, Yusa has taken much of the musical environment of the largest island of the Antilles, where African percussion and Spanish guitar fused, resulting in a new genre, and now, in Miami, explores the connection with New Orleans and jazz.

On the other hand, Inez Barlatier, who is called the "Haitian Tracy," is usually great, but this time she will be alone in an acoustic set.

"I incorporate these rhythms because it reminds me that the African diaspora and the history of our ancestors are interconnected. Our ancestors sang for God and to the spirits in ancient languages — they sang from their souls!" states Barlatier.

Finally, Keba, a singer/songwriter, blends classic soul, R&B and pop.

"I'm excited to perform with Yusa and Inez because we come together as Caribbean women to create an amazing show of music and culture," says Keba.

Influenced by calypso and soca through family tradition, she grew up with the sound of Stevie Wonder, The Jackson Five, The Supremes and American film music from the 1950s, which has allowed her to create a fusion that is very much her own.

"It will be a powerful blend of cultures. Three from the Caribbean with three musical styles very different from each other, but in common the three artists have humility," assures the director of the Koubek Center.


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