Paulina Rubio and Alejandra Guzmán had a long public fight.
Paulina Rubio and Alejandra Guzmán were once locked in a very public fight. Photo: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images:

Paulina Rubio and Alejandra Guzmán to perform together in Los Angeles

After healing the wounds of the past and forging an unexpected friendship, both will perform together on the Perrísimas Tour.


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When the Mexican singer Paulina Rubio premiered her new single “Yo soy” on Oct. 15, she had already announced a 2022 tour with one of her historic rivals. But few imagined she was talking about Alejandra Guzmán, with whom she had a long public fight over love affairs.

Now, both will perform together on the Perrísimas Tour. After healing their wounds and forging an unexpected friendship, they are especially excited. Among the many dates of the tour, which will start on April 15 in Orlando, the most special will be the last at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on May 22.

Due to its proximity to Mexico, California's largest city has a special energy and a deep Latin identity. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Rubio said that in L.A., “the public is more ours than anywhere else. It is the perfect place to close this initial part of the tour.” 

Guzmán said “it is a very special audience. It's like feeling in Mexico."

It is surprising how in such a short time both went from public arguments to collaborating on a shared project.

“At this point we are already older. The egos are left behind,” said Guzmán.

The Mexican pop divas have known each other since childhood, and their lives are full of parallels: both the daughters of stars, Silvia Pinal and Susana Dosmantes.

Their deep rivalry began after Guzmán had an affair with Erick Rubin, then boyfriend of Rubio. The episode caused endless mutual accusations, which they now recall with laughter.

“There will be a before and after when we get there [Los Angeles]. A new stage awaits us. It is no longer the end of the tour,” they said, leaving the door open to new collaborations.

Beyond the 23 concerts announced in the U.S., the Perrísimas Tour could go to other countries. Regarding the title chosen for the tour, both claimed it is a tribute to the strength they represent together.

“It is the fierceness with which we give ourselves to everything we do. It is a very Mexican word to define something very cool,” said Guzmán.

On social media, where many speculated Rubio would choose Thalía as a tour partner, the announcement was received with euphoria. In addition, fans applauded the tour name as a tribute to female power. It all spawned from a sit-down over coffee in Miami.

"We are already great women, we are both over 50 years old and we are convinced that the rivalry has to become a sorority," Rubio noted.

Both believe that together they can be unstoppable, and they intend to prove it.

Amid COVID-19, both have published a music video for “Ni tú ni nadie,” which went unnoticed. Now, they hope that their reunion will be celebrated.


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