"GPS" is a new song by Yotuel Romero and Beatriz Luengo
"GPS" is a new song by Yotuel Romero and Beatriz Luengo. Photo: Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images

Yotuel Romero and Beatriz Luengo present their love story in “GPS”

Their biggest challenge is how to differentiate between their personal and professional lives.


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In times of volatile relationships, where new generations wonder if monogamy is still a viable format for love, the couple of Yotuel Romero and Beatriz Luengo proclaim love without hesitation. In their new single “GPS,” they make it clear that one serves as a guide for the other. Ahead of rough patches, they bet on clinging to their relationship.

“Our love is a GPS, as much as we try to get away, we come back again. Like crazy to want to meet, and even if I get lost along the way, I always collide with you again. Recalculating, recalculating,” they both sing in the new music video.

It is a basic and catchy song with an obvious Latin rhythm, but without excessive effects or tricks. The combination of the female voice with the male, as well as their rhymes, were enough to compose a catchy song, which summarize their almost 20 years of romantic relationship.

One month after its premiere, “GPS” already has more than 4 million views on YouTube. In an interview with El País in Madrid, both explained their motivation for producing the song.

"2021 was very nice for everything that 'Patria y Vida' brought — the hit awarded with a Latin Grammy for best song — but it was also convulsive, where we had to demonstrate our union and the value of the family,” they said.

With two children, Luengo explained that after the success of "Patria y Vida," "it made us see that our union as composers is much more than a song." 

The new song is proof that they are “a team.” For Luengo, “the only thing I can brag about is that I've been with Yotuel for many years. Our love began without expectations and look how well it has gone for us, what happened was destiny,” she said.

Yotuel also values ​​"the team and the family." In times of war, he claims that love is the only thing that can save us.

“The love of life, family, children, your partner, your country. The love of your people. We are losing that word and it is everything,” said the Cuban.

In the music video for "GPS," the couple included unpublished footage of their wedding, and Luengo now combines the motherhood of a barely one-year-old baby with her professional career. In an era marked by individualism and separations — also in the music — the two insist that they feel the same energy as at the beginning of their relationship.

Their biggest challenge is how to differentiate their personal and professional lives. Although they could have succeed separately, “we have achieved so much because of the team we have. We are the two bosses. When I leave home, I talk to the president of my label,” said Yotuel.

In “GPS,” they were inspired by the couple formed by Gala and the painter Salvador Dalí.

"A couple who, as a team, created great things," Luengo said. She is also a prestigious composer, who has also written songs for Diego Torres, Rubén Blades and Ricky Martin.

The couple began their sentimental journey in the 90s, after meeting on the television program Un Paso Adelante.


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