The concert "Medallo on the map" took place on Saturday, April 30 in Medellín. Photo: Amazon Prime at the live broadcast of the concert.
The concert 'Medallo on the map' (Medellín on the map) took place on Saturday, April 30 in Medellín. Photo: Amazon Prime.

This is how Maluma put 'Medellín on the map'

This weekend, Maluma gave a historic concert in Medellín. Many claim it was the most important of his career.


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On Saturday, April 30, Medellín experienced a historic concert, and one of the most important in Maluma's career, as the artist described it during his performance. 

'Medallo en el Mapa' (Medellín on the Map) was attended by nearly 54,000 people and was seen in more than 240 countries through Amazon Music streaming. For three hours, between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m., the paisa musician did not stop singing, dancing, laughing, crying and thanking Medallín.

From a 360-degree stage, Maluma cried when he saw Atanasio Girardot as he opened the concert with his well-known song "Hawaii."

"This is the coolest dream I've ever had in my life. Really, Medellín, I missed you so much. It's incredible that 11 years of career had to pass to be able to step on the Atanasio Girardot, but God knows how he does his things, definitely," said Maluma during his performance in Medellín.


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The artist sang with other local representatives of the urban genre: Feid, Blessd, Wolfine and Abril. Each of the performances were full of details such as fire, other pyrotechnics, drones and hundreds of LED lights worn by the audience.

At 12:42 came one of the surprises of the night, when Madonna came on stage.

Dressed in a red suit and braids in her hair, she and Maluma performed "Medellin," the song they presented in 2019. 

Despite the encouragement of many fans, the 'Queen of Pop' only sang one song and left without saying goodbye. However, at the end of the concert on her social media, the singer posted a video where she recounted her last days in the city.


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The closing of the show was with the children of the foundation El Arte de Los Sueños, which Maluma sponsors and is directed by his sister Manuela Londoño.

The fireworks and the flight of hundreds of drones over the sky of the Atanasio Girardot, which formed the word "Thank you" were the sign that Medellín on the Map had come to an end.


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