Flor Amargo in Mexico City's Zócalo. Photo by Maritza Ríos, courtesy of the Secretaría de Cultura CDMX.
Flor Amargo in Mexico City's Zócalo. Photo: Maritza Ríos/Secretaría de Cultura CDMX

Flor Amargo makes her L.A. debut

Mexican artist Flor Amargo, known for her participation in La Voz Mexico, is in Los Angeles for her first concert.


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Mexican singer Emma Mayte Carballo Hernandez, known as Flor Amargo, has moved to Los Angeles and this Friday, July 30, will offer a free concert at the Levitt Pavilion in MacArthur Park, starting at 7 p.m.

"Today I met my little house; there is not even a bed yet, but I already want this to be the city from which I make my music known," said the singer and multi-instrumentalist in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

Famous for her risky sound, stage experimentation, and performances in public spaces, Amargo is preparing for the release of her new album, Reina del Barrio.

Now, in her new city, she has the challenge of maintaining her spontaneous presentations by appropriating the streets.

"I would love to do it, although I also plan to do a tour that is going to be more formal, but informal at the same time," said the artist, who confirmed her desire to offer shows in parks and public squares.

Reina del Barrio will be released on Aug. 27, and has a mix of cumbia and ska, like her recent single "Casarme contigo." However, the singer is firm in her conviction not to be pigeonholed or limit her music.

"At the beginning, all the record labels rejected me for the same thing; they told me not to perform, and I got tired of what they were telling me. That made me go to the street, because in the street I could be me," she said.

"What exists are experiences that teach us the way. I realized that that fall had been my greatest strength, and on that I built what Flor Amargo is today."

The independent artist is now in Los Angeles, andplans to tour the United States and Europe. As a result of her musical interventions in different transports, Flor received a tattoo of the epithet "La Loca del Metro," a term she enjoys.

"I have a tattoo that says 'La Loca'. I've been called that since I was a little girl, and that made me very sad; but later, when I started to investigate why that word bothered me so much, I realized that the root of that is that I was always different," she said.

Her themes have existentialist and symbolic aspects that are out of the norm, even when they take refuge in romantic themes.

"I have that of the artist who falls in love with things that perhaps don't even exist; of memories, of other lives from which the melodies come to me. The composition comes to me suddenly," she said.


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