Miguel Angel Roldan, Colombian missing Photo: Video capture Zona 33
Miguel Angel Roldan, the missing Colombian man. Screenshot: Zona 33

Young Colombian man missing in Miami is found

After 31 days missing, Miguel Ángel Roldán, the young Colombian man who disappeared after being last seen at the Miami airport, was finally found.


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Thanks to a social media video and a couple walking in the Hard Rock area in Miami, authorities were able to find and identify Miguel Ángel Roldán, who had been missing for a month in the United States. 
The young Colombian man was found in Hollywood, a coastal city in Broward County, showing symptoms of dehydration and was noticeably disoriented. Police took him to the hospital where no traces of drugs were found in his body.
Beatriz Sierra, director of Zona 33, a foundation for Colombians living abroad, told EFE that Roldán "suffers from an emotional disorder, he comes and goes, he is lost, he is out of the hospital, they sent him medication to keep him sedated so he can travel to Colombia." 
Likewise, Alejandra Córdoba, his mother, traveled from Colombia to the United States and is already with him. They are waiting for the Colombian embassy in Miami to grant a new passport to Miguel Angel so he can return to his country.
"The detective says that sometimes people with this condition, when they suffer from a crisis, can wander, they become street dwellers and eat from their food," Cordoba said about her son's condition.
The mother had previously stated to the press that she believed her son's missing was because he suffered a crisis of his depression and anxiety disorder.
Missing for 31 days
Miguel Angel Roldan had been reported missing last Aug. 14, after missing his connecting flight from Miami to Medellin on July 24. 
Roldan had gone to Los Angeles to get vaccinated against COVID-19  and also visited some friends. However, his belongings were stolen three days before returning to the country, leaving him without communication when he missed his flight to Colombia. 
After he was unable to board the plane, nothing more was heard from him. Authorities even searched for him in the county morgues without finding any leads, but it was known he had not left the United States according to immigration data.
For a month, dozens of volunteers were looking for him, especially in the Miami area. In recent days, his mother had joined the operation.

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