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The new season of the crime podcast is available everywhere. It dives into the murder of Colombian Captain Humberto Coral. Photo: Candle Media.

New season of 'Transportista' premieres. A step closer to finding Captain Coral's killer?

The search of Beto Coral continues for another season to find his father's killer.


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Exile Content Studio recently announced the launch the second season of its investigative, true-crime podcast, Transportista: Who Murdered Captain Coral?, hosted by Álvaro Céspedes.

Reopening the doors to the hidden world of drug trafficking and its ties to political power, the new 10-episode season will run weekly through May 31 and is available on iHeartRadio and all platforms where podcasts are available.

Carmen Graterol, Exile’s Head of Latam Audio, said:

As a Latina executive producer, I am excited to launch this bilingual podcast that explores the untold story of an unsolved murder in Colombia. Through this show, we aim to shed light on the complexities of Colombian history and the impact it still has in the present.

An unsolved crime

Who Murdered Captain Coral?'centers on Beto Coral, the son of the late Captain Humberto Coral, who plunges into an obsessive investigation to discover who murdered his father and why. His father was on the military team that killed infamous drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. 

The captain was assassinated a few months after the last operation against the drug lord in an attack in Medellín. The captain had previously requested a transfer from the city where Escobar's drug empire called home.

In the search, Beto discovers the hidden truths about the heroism of his father and the mixed criminal, police and political networks in the Search Block, which was in charge of eliminating Escobar.

Transportista: Who Murdered Captain Coral? is hosted by Exile producer Céspedes and is available in English and Spanish.

“The murder victim, Captain Humberto Coral Caballero, was part of the police force who captured and killed Escobar, making this case of particular importance. By delving into the details of this crime and the events surrounding it, we hope to provide insight into the larger cultural and political context of the time. Transportista: Who Murdered Captain Coral? is a testament to the relevance and importance of Colombian history, and we invite listeners to join us on this journey of discovery and reflection,” added Graterol.

A chapter of Latin American history

Season two of Transportista was produced and developed as a co-production between Exile Content Studio and Detective, following the success of the first season, which won the Ondas Award for Best Nonfiction Narrative Podcast in 2022.

“Getting the chance to tell the story of Beto Coral 's deeply personal mission to discover who killed his father was a unique and illuminating experience. I hope that listeners are enthralled by this profound story and that they learn something more about a complicated period in Colombia’s history. It was a true honor to shed light on the Coral family story,” said Céspedes. 

In addition to being a senior producer, Céspedes is also a journalist and social researcher. He previously worked as a producer for El hilo, a weekly news podcast on Radio Ambulante, and has published written articles and podcasts in various outlets in both Spanish and English.

The series' executive producer is Exile's Diego Enrique Osorno and Carmen Graterol, Rose Reid and Isaac Lee, alongside producer Diego Olivares. Julio González is production supervisor.

“This season, the strange story of the murder of Captain Humberto Coral in Colombia opens a window to explore another reality hidden behind the war against drug trafficking. After many years of investigation, transformed into an activist, youtuber and amateur investigator, how Beto Coral decides to honor the memory of his father and try to demonstrate the links between drug trafficking and power in his country,” said Meño Larios, member of Detective and director of the first season.


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