Congressional Hispanic Caucus event.
The organization is dedicated to expressing and promoting, through the legislative process, the issues that affect Hispanics in the U.S. Photo: @HispanicCaucus.

Time to nominate your favorite Latino film to the National Film Registry

Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus seek public input.


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Congressman Joaquín Castro (TX-20) and members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus recently launched a national call for Latino-driven films to be nominated for the National Film Registry, America's preeminent archive of films with cultural, historical or aesthetic significance to life in the U.S.

Castro stated in a press release:

Since the earliest days of cinema, Latino actors, writers, directors, and creatives have made extraordinary contributions to American filmmaking.


In general, selected films must be at least ten years old, and to be eligible for official Library of Congress member nomination, submissions must be received by Thursday, Aug. 3.

“As the Library of Congress works to preserve the films that shaped American culture, public nominations will put a spotlight on the Latino-driven films that have sold out theaters and defined generations,” pointed out Castro. 

Each year, the Librarian of Congress adds 25 new films to the National Film Registry after reviewing titles nominated by the public and consulting with members of the National Film Preservation Board and Library film curators.

Currently, 24 Latino films are included in the National Film Registry, less than 3% of the 850 films preserved.

This is the complete list of films that are part of this exclusive selection:

  1. Ballad of Gregorio Cortez (1982) 
  2. Under the Same Moon (2007) 
  3. Lo que le pasó a Santiago (1989) 
  4. Don’t Let Me Drown (2009) 
  5. The Milagro Beanfield War (1988) 
  6. Raising Victor Vargas (2002) 
  7. Frida (2002) 
  8. Walkout (2006)
  9. A Better Life (2011) 
  10. Gun Hill Road (2011) 
  11. Spy Kids (2001) 
  12. American Me (1992) 
  13. Romero (1989) 
  14. Hermanas (2005) 
  15. Blood In, Blood Out (1993) 
  16. Nothing Like the Holidays (2008) 
  17. Latino (1985) 
  18. The Lost City (2005) 
  19. Down for Life (2009) 
  20. Tortilla Soup (2001) 
  21. The Motorcycle Diaries (2004) 
  22. 12 Horas (2001) 
  23. Viva Cuba (2005) 
  24. Maria Full of Grace (2004) 

“As we launch this year’s push for inclusion, I look forward to hearing from folks across America about the Latino films that have made an enduring impact on their lives,” said Congressman Castro.

About CHC

Founded in December 1976 as a legislative service organization of the United States House of Representatives, today the CHC is organized as a member organization of Congress, governed by the Rules of the House of Representatives.

The CHC addresses national and international issues and develops policies that impact the Hispanic community. The function of the Caucus is to serve as a forum for Hispanic members of Congress to unite around a collective legislative agenda.


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