‘Soho Karen’ arrested in California. Photo of ConanDaily
‘Soho Karen’ was arrested in California. Photo: CONAN Daily

'Soho Karen' arrested in California

Miya Ponsetto, the 22-year-old who attacked a 14-year-old black young man, accusing him of stealing her phone, gets arrested.


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Imagine this: You are 14 years old and at a New York hotel with your father. You go downstairs to get some breakfast and as you're heading to the hotel cafeteria you realize that there is some noise at the front desk — something about an Iphone. Suddenly, a young girl comes up to you screaming that you have stolen her cell phone. 

The girl was a guest at the hotel until a few days ago, she shouldn't be there anymore, but the hotel manager still asks you to show the woman what you have in your pockets. You have an Iphone too, but it's the one your parents bought for you. 

The girl starts screaming at you to prove that phone belongs to you, but why would you carry a phone that's not yours in your pockets? Your father, who is filming the whole thing, tells you that you don't have to prove anything to this person. You listen to your father and keep going. 

The girl runs towards you and tackles you to the ground. When your father tries to stop her, she hits him.

Welcome to another instance of being a young Black man in America.

The incident involving Miya Ponsetto, known in social media as 'Soho Karen', at the Arlo Hotel in New York, is a clear case of racism. It all happened the day after Christmas, when Miya was no longer a guest at the hotel. The young woman, who was looking for her Iphone at the hotel's reception desk, accused and attacked a Black teenager, Kenyon Harold Jr., without hesitation.  

Both the woman and manager acted out of racism, assuming the young man, because he is black, could be the thief and without even considering that he was a hotel guest.

Days after the incident, a New York Post reporter asked Ponsetto outside a restaurant in California if she was concerned about the arrest warrant and what her motive was for attacking Keyon Harrold Jr. to which Miya responded, "I'm actually 22 years old, so I don't know what the problem is here — and I'm also Puerto Rican," implying that because he was of Latino origin her behavior could not have been racist.

The New York police arrested Ponsetto in California days after the incident and the teen's family have filed for Ponsetto to face criminal charges

On an interview for CBS This Morning, Miya didn't seem to be ashamed or having any regrets about her actions, she even mentioned that she doesn't really understand "what her crime is."


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