The world watched Philly during Election Week. Photo: Maritza Zuluaga/AL DÍA News.
The world watched Philly during Election Week. Photo: Maritza Zuluaga/AL DÍA News.

Philly becomes the country's celebration center as Joe Biden wins

On Saturday, Nov. 7, Philadelphians took to the streets in relief for the first time in the last four years.


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As Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was declared the winner of Pennsylvania and with it, the 2020 Election, all eyes remained on Philadelphia as it went into party mode. 

Almost immediately after the announcement — a little after 11 a.m. —the city was buzzing with groups beginning to gather in Center City and elsewhere to celebrate Biden’s win. Much of the festivities include singing, dancing, marching, and a whole lot of music.

2020 has brought a lot of devastation — losing hundreds of thousands of Americans to COVID-19, a huge drop in the economy, and a Fall of civil unrest. 

Nov. 7 was a small light at the end of a dark tunnel. 

At City Hall, surrounded by crowds of revelers, some basked in the moment of major relief while others took up microphones to tell the crowd about what needs to happen next. 

Although a Biden-Harris win is a step in the right direction for the nation considering the last four years, activists could not stress enough that the fight was not over. If anything, it was more imperative than ever now, to hold those rising to power accountable. 

Those on stage said that though the Biden-Harris ticket was not their choice to start the 2020 Election cycle, they still rallied votes and made sure of a win in spite of their differences.  

Now, the real work begins by demanding the policies they promised. Some of them include a plan for Puerto Rico, an economic recovery from COVID-19 that includes Black and Latino businesses, and real efforts to curb the poor trend of climate change that scientists predict will doom our existence. 

Back to the party, the scene around Philadelphia City Hall was complete with a DJ, a block party, and some climbing the statues around the historic structure. It was just the vibrant, energetic atmosphere people needed after months of uncertainty. 

Later, thousands of people took to Market street, and a hand-crafted bald eagle being appeared in the crowd and followed its movements. 

In the area the world came to know outside of the Pennsylvania Convention Center, one crowd appeared not so happy about the results and continued to stand in defiance of the results.

Trump-supporters barricaded by both cops and a gate stood in front of the convention center waving flags in support of the losing incumbent. 

One person in the crowd told AL DIA that there needed to be a recount, with only the ‘legal’ votes used. It’s a narrative the current president, members of his campaign and political confidants have gone to in the days since the election alongside baseless claims of voter fraud.

On the other end of the barricade stood individuals from Count Every Vote, who despite being cheerful about the turnout, continued to stay and confront the crowd of the president’s supporters. 

The culmination of a long election week, came with jubilation rather than violence. After city officials prepared all week for a possible unrest, what they found was a city full of high spirits, and crowds ready to enjoy a brighter day. 

As one Philly city councilmember told AL DÍA during the week: “Let’s dance to the revolution!”

Nov. 7 was just the beginning.


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