Siempre Salsa was created seven years ago. Photo: Facebook.
Siempre Salsa was created seven years ago. Photo: Facebook.

Siempre Salsa Philly to host free salsa and bachata lessons at Love Park this Friday

The festivities will be in full form this Hispanic Heritage Month, with dance parties planned throughout.


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As September approaches, community members in Philadelphia are planning multiple events to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

One group in Philly is celebrating the diversity of Hispanic culture by promoting free salsa and bachata lessons at LOVE Park.

Siempre Salsa Philly recently announced the group will be bringing back its free salsa and bachata dance lessons this upcoming Friday at 7 p.m. with DJ entertainment.

Carlos Sanchez, Jesse Bermudez, and Rob Bernberg, the founders of Siempre Salsa Philly have been sharing their love of Afro-Caribbean dancing, such as salsa and bachata, for seven years. 

Participating residents not only get to learn how to salsa, but they also learn about the culture it grew from and its history.

“It's not about dance lessons, it's about what we have been doing for years,” Bernberg said in a recent interview with AL DÍA News. “ What we have been doing for over seven years is promoting the world's best music, and the awesome community from which it emanates.”

The group also stated they will be offering the lessons with a live band once a month.

Bernberg said the upcoming event is long-awaited, as the COVID-19 pandemic ruined last year's plans.

“Of course with COVID everything came to a stop, but now we are delighted to hear that they want us there this year as much as we can,” he said.

Bernberg and his partners are taking the initiative to introduce the city with the diverse blend of salsa and bachata. 

They hope to spread awareness to the customs and traditions of Hispanic culture at LOVE Park, which is the ideal location for people to come together and celebrate.

In developing relationships with LOVE Park and Flaco Dance Studio, Siempre Salsa Philly will be giving lessons every week at lunch during Hispanic Heritage month.

“We were delighted to hear that they want us to be there as much as we can,” said Bernberg.

The organization previously planned their events at the Piazza located in Northern Liberties, which attracted thousands.

Siempre Salsa will be at LOVE Park alongside a live band once a month. On Fridays, when they don't have a live event, they will host salsa and bachata parties.

The organization also recently celebrated its seventh anniversary last Friday with a reception in front of City Hall, alongside Councilwoman Maria Quinones Sanchez.

“We feel very blessed that thanks to Maria Quinones Sanchez, she really got the ball rolling for the city council to have Siempre Salsa week as a citywide celebration and to have Jesse Bermudez day as a holiday,” said Bernberg. “We feel fortunate that after COVID we are very well situated to share a lot of good things with a lot of people and we just hope that the situation with covid will allow all of our plans to continue.”

There will be dance instructors this Friday, and following the instruction, they have a dance party with salsa and bachata.

Siempre Salsa Philly also announced they will be in attendance at the MusikFest in Bethlehem, P.A.

Anyone is welcome to join in on the festivities at LOVE Park.

For more information on Siempre Salsa Philly, please visit their Facebook page.


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