Euphoria’s Christmas special
Photo: HBO
Euphoria’s Christmas specialPhoto: HBO

Euphoria’s Colman Domingo is Afro-Latino and from Philly

The actor is now in the spotlight following his performance on the popular HBO show’s ‘Christmas Special.’


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If you’ve watched HBO’s newest series, Euphoria, then you all know what all the hype is about. The ratings spoke for themselves last year, and a second season signed before the first even ended. 

But that was all halted as many other things due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, the team of actors, producers, and directors were able to pull together a ‘Christmas Special’ episode. It was not to be mistaken for season two, just a small gift to the fans of the show, and was received with great excitement. 

Part one of the two-part special picks up right where the show’s first season left off, with Rue relapsing after she meets Jules, who skips out of town on a train leaving Rue behind.

A character that didn’t get as much attention the first time around, but is seeing loads of it now is Colman Domingo’s. He plays recovering drug addict, Ali, in the first season.

The Afro-Guatemalan shines in the two episodes that help cross over into the second season. In one of the hour-long episodes, Domingo discusses forgiveness and faith.

In a scene that takes place at a diner on Christmas Eve, Rue talks to Ali about how she’s committing to staying sober and finding an emotional balance. Though Ali listens to her speak, he knows better than to be convinced. 

He sees through her, and calls her out on her bullshit.

“Listen, youngblood, I was shooting dope before your mama’s egg dropped, I’ve lived a whole mother****ing life to get to this diner to sit across from your arrogant ass,” Ali says to Rue.

It sets the stage for Ali to have a profound impact on a young, confused, Rue in the coming season. 

His presence in the show brings much-needed leadership and wisdom for the young protagonist. 

Off screen, Ali is looking more and more like a career-defining moment for Domingo, and Euphoria feels like the beginning of greatness for the actor who was born and raised in Philadelphia. 

He attended and graduated from Overbrook High School before doing the same at Temple University. After graduation, Domingo moved to San Francisco to start acting in theater productions

The Philly native told Esquire that after reading the script for Euphoria’s Christmas Special, he memorized the words as if it were a sermon for 2020. 

The episode was impactful for Domingo because of the comfort it provided amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  

“I got so emotional reading it because here I am sitting at my desk. I'm on conference calls asking for DEI strategies with corporations and marching in the streets. Politics is doing what it's doing, but there are literally fires in the street as I'm reading this text and learning this text. And each time I read it, sometimes it brought me to tears. It brought me to my knees, honestly,” he said.

With just one of two episodes released in the special, you can be sure to see more of Domingo in the next one, set to premier on Jan. 24, 2021. Regardless, there will definitely be more screen time for this Philly native going forward on the show and beyond.


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