Photo: FItz Games
¡Dios Mio! was crafted by a team of Hispanic writers. Photo: Fitz Games

¡Dios Mio! There’s now a Hispanic Cards Against Humanity

Everyone’s favorite dark humor party game is getting a new rendition for Hispanic Heritage Month.


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It is Hispanic Heritage Month, and Fitz Games has a brand new treat for the Latinx community — a party game. Fitz has a history of diversity with their creations. They have a card game set for the LGBTQ community called “The Queer Agenda,” one for Jewish people called “The Chosen One,” and now Latinx people can join the fun with “¡Dios Mio!”

“¡Dios Mio!” is “Cards Against Humanity” specifically designed with Latinx people in mind. It’s a fully bilingual question and answer game that includes 420 cards, 2 stickers, and a $5 gift card to use towards your next game purchase.

Created by a team of Hispanic writers, the goal of the game is to come up with the most hilarious and surreal card combinations that “not even Walter Mercado could predict.”

There’s also expansion packs for those who want to make their fun even more personally catered and revel in all the cultural inside jokes. Consumers can choose from the Mexicana pack, the Cubana pack or the Puertorriqueña pack.

To keep the fun going even more, there’s the Navidad expansion pack, the Antojitos pack to explore everyone’s favorite snacks, and the Dares expansion pack for those who want to look bold and brave in front of their amigos y familia.

In the Go Pack, which includes 50 cards, you can find out which of your friends is secretly using Duolingo to work on their Spanish, or see who is the most likely to talk back to their abuela.

So far there have been many positive reviews.

“We hispanics love nothing more than to call our loved ones out. This does it without even having to think! We haven't laughed this hard in a long time,” read one of the reviews.

 “¡Dios Mio!” just made your game night a whole lot more fun. 


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