Gigi Nuñez. Dominican entrepreneur who teaches others to succeed at heir businesses.
Gigi Nuñez is a Dominican entrepreneur who teaches others to succeed with their businesses. Photo: Gigi Nuñez.

Dominican entrepreneur Gigi Nuñez teaches others the key to success

For Dominican businesswoman Gigi Nuñez, every chance is an opportunity to succeed in the business world.


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Dominican businesswoman Gigi Núñez has quickly become a benchmark for professional Latinas. Currently, she is an Afro-Latina entrepreneur who has gone from an annual turnover of $40,000 to more than $2.5 million in less than three years. Despite being a person with great purchasing power, she also demonstrates her generosity by helping others to achieve their dreams. 

Her company is dedicated to collecting debris from land declared natural disaster areas, and although it has been an uphill battle, she never gave up and was able to achieve success.

"After going through some very difficult times, I found a formula based on the mantra that has put me where I am today: the moment is now. With that, I set about the task of inspiring others to succeed and turn over six digits in their businesses." 

For the Dominican entrepreneur, there are certain steps to follow to find that project to take off with.

The most important is her mantra, "the moment is now," explaining that one must not keep putting off taking a chance and starting their own operation. Act without fear and go for your dream, and correct mistakes along the way. 

Find a mentor to help you visualize how your business will work. Do not expect perfection. Celebrate every small accomplishment as a big win, and use different strategies. Assume that you have to work harder than others, motivating yourself to be the best version of yourself. 

Nuñez recognizes that it is also key to have passion and motivation for your business, and highlights the importance of joining people who are on the same page.


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