Martha Izquierdo by Marian Carrasquero for the NYT.
Martha Izquierdo. Photo: Marian Carrasquero/The New York Times.

TikToker Martha Izquierdo shares her abuse story

TikToker Martha Izquierdo recently shared her approach to life with a positive attitude and while facing problems.


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Mexican journalist Martha Izquierdo, has become famous for her videos on TikTok. A survivor of cancer and abuse during her childhood, the TikToker is open and sincere in sharing the episodes that have marked her life, using social media as a the platform to convey a positive message.

At 49, Izquierdo is currently one of the most well-known and beloved figures in Mexico thanks to TikTok. Although at first glance she does not fit the 'influencer' mold, Izquierdo has managed to conquer social media with her charisma, her positive attitude, and openness to talk about the most difficult moments of her life.

The Veracruz native has more than 600,000 followers on the platform and her videos have received some 24 million 'likes.' Her success is no mystery, and it is her way of facing life always in a positive way that inspires Mexicans. 

"I start talking about topics that have to do with seeing life in a positive way. To face your fears, to make people understand that each one of us is unique, unrepeatable."

But to become an icon of positive affirmation, the journalist has worked on overcoming her own traumas. In a recent interview, she spoke about an episode of sexual abuse that marked her in her childhood. Izquiero said that her abuser was also her uncle, and that he perpetuated the sexual abuse for months and under threats, until a young Martha could take no more and told her father. 

"I blocked it out in my mind," Izquierdo recounted, and it was only years later that she managed to remember clearly what happened. Then, through therapy, she managed to confront the abuse and forgive her aggressor.

In addition to this terrible episode, her work as a journalist also put her life at risk due to threats from the Zetas Cartel, and she fled to Mexico City. But Izquierdo is a survivor in every sense of the word, and has been diagnosed with cancer on two occasions.

Although she often wanted to give up, her friends and family encouraged her to keep fighting. After a second heart attack, everything changed for Martha, and she came back with the positive attitude that catapulted her to fame on TikTok.



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