The tiktoker José Nogales, frame of the video "Ni una sola gatita". 
TikToker José Nogales. Screenshot: "Ni una sola gatita."

TikToker José Nogales causes outrage for threatening a group of girls

The Spanish tiktoker, José Nogales, has caused outrage in social networks for a video in which he appears threatening several girls in a nightclub.


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Jose Nogales is the Mallorcan TikToker famous for singing, particularly his song "Ni una sola gatita," which is the macho version of Paulina Rubio's song, "Ni una sola palabra." The rendition led him to recognition all over Spain.

He is also known for telling his love "exploits" and sharing tricks to "flirt" through his account.

But this time, the spotlight comes for controversy after a video went viral showing Nogales threatening several girls in a nightclub.

With shouts of "I shit on your dead, I'm going to kill you all, you're going to die, daughters of bitches," the young TikToker was filmed in a nightclub in Madrid insulting a group of girls in an aggressive and threatening way over the weekend. 

With more than 400,000 followers on Tik Tok, the "influencer" continues to generate sexist and violent messages against women. Despite the nightclub video, Nogales responded with a video giving his version of events. 

"What happened yesterday was strong enough. I was in a private club in Madrid with some friends and I met 5, 6 or 7 influencers or TikTokers. And well, I was quiet in my private room and it turns out that what they did all night was to be behind me criticizing me, insulting me, rebuking me, making me feel super uncomfortable," he said in the video that had more than 740,000 views until it was deleted. 

According to TikToker Selena Milán, who was at the same nightclub, Nogales's story didn't add up. 

"And this is not even 30% of how the neanderthal behaved in person xd literally was there," she wrote on Twitter.

The macho and violent messages of TikTokers like Jose Nogales or Naim Darrechi, (who confessed to have lied about his fertility to his sexual partners to not have to wear protection with partners) have become an increasingly common phenomena, and are causing us reflect on the degree of responsibility we have in giving visibility to these types of characters and content.


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