The Argentinian artist L-Gante. File image.
The Argentinian artist L-Gante. Photo: Instagram [email protected]_KELOKE

L-Gante comment on María Eugenia Vidal's statements about marijuana

The young rapper analyzed the classist statements from the candidate for Congress regarding the use of cannabis.


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The 21 year-old rapper Elián Ángel Valenzuela, known in the urban scene as L-Gante,  recently responded to statements made by a candidate for Congress, María Eugenia Vidal. The representative on the ballot of "Together for Change" said "it is one thing to smoke a joint in Palermo and quite another to do it in the emergency areas of the City of Buenos Aires, such as the Zabaleta neighborhood or 1-11-14."

Confronted with the comments, the drug dealer did not hesitate to respond and recall that "drug traffickers pass through all the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires."

In an interview with Eduardo Feinmann, L-Gante analyzed the controversial position of Vidal on marijuana consumption.

"There are two different realities. One thing is to smoke a joint in Palermo, relaxed with friends on a Saturday night, as a couple or alone, and another thing is to live in Villa 21-24, in Zabaleta or in 1-11-14 surrounded by drug dealers, and to be offered a joint," said Vidal in an interview with Filo News.

During the interview with Feinmann in the program LN+, the host asked the singer to give his point of view on Vidal's statement.

"It is superfluous to say the location. A narco can be anywhere. Palermo and the villas he said for me are the same thing. I come from the villa and go to Palermo. But I saw few people from Palermo go to the villa," said the young musician.

L-Gante clarified that probably the candidate did not know how to express herself in a correct way regarding cannabis consumption.

"Perhaps, what she is talking about there [in reference to the video shown by the driver] and does not know how to say it is that you can smoke a joint, but the problem is the traffic. So, they wrap all that up and mix things up," he said.

The controversy was generated around the debate on the legalization of cannabis and its medicinal use in Argentina, which L-Gante mentioned, "in my case, I don't have a disease that tells me I have to use it. But I use it to relax, to lower stress. And there are people who do have to use it medicinally, but because of confusion problems like that they can't do it legally." 

In response, Vidal has admitted that it was a mistake to have raised the issue of legalization and consumption of marijuana in terms of neighborhoods. 


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