Sirius, one of the ships of the environmental organization Greenpeace
Greenpeace completes half a century of struggle for the environment. Photo: Pixabay.

The 10 milestones of Greenpeace 50 years after its creation

On Sept. 15, Greenpeace, the worldwide environmental organization that has faced off with the most powerful nations in defense of the planet, celebrates half a…


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Greenpeace, the iconic organization that since its inception, has been characterized by its enormous commitment to the environmental fight, turns 50 on Wednesday, Sept. 15.

Characterized by its media campaigns and courageous calls for action against the different industries that threaten the environment around the world, Greenpeace has been the architect of the change in consciousness that is currently being experienced on the planet, which seeks sustainable and nature-friendly economies.

These are some of the struggles Greenpeace has led in its first 50 years:

1. A Nuclear birth

A group of activists, united around their protest against nuclear tests the United States carried out off the coast of Alaska in 1971, would be the origin of the world-famous environmental organization Greenpeace.

2. An open war against nations

In 1973, in the face of protests over its atomic tests, the French government ordered a ship from its Navy to intercept the ship with which Greenpeace was protesting. Twelve years later, a spy, also from France, would be singled out for sinking a ship of the organization in New Zealand. Thanks to pressure, largely from environmentalists, France halted the trials in 1996.

3. Against dioxins and pesticides

Although pesticide use around the world continues to cause health problems and air pollution, since 1981, Greenpeace has fought to stop its damage. A group of its members is still remembered tied to the chimneys of Boehringer, in Germany, a factory that was later forced to close.

4. In defense of whales

Thanks in large part to Greenpeace, commercial whaling was banned in 1986. But a battle that nevertheless continues as countries such as Japan, Norway and Iceland continue to ignore the agreement.

5. Calling out big oil

In 1995, Greenpeace took on the oil giant Shell to prevent it from sinking one of its oil platforms in the North Sea. Thanks to the support of the world community, three years later, the oil company stopped its plan and governments also supported ban. Currently, the environmental organization is a thorn in the side for the industry because so far, there are no clear signs of its efforts to reduce global warming.

6. Supporting biodiversity

The organization's complaints have directed world authorities to the dire consequences of the planet caused by the disappearance of species of fauna and flora.

7. The fight against coal

Thanks to Greenpeace's fight to abandon coal-fired power production, the last such plant in the U.K. is scheduled to shut down by 2024.

8. No more plastic

Greenpeace is one of the biggest critics of single-use plastics and synthetics, as well as microplastics that are used, among others, in cosmetic products.

9. Sustainable Fashion

Greenpeace has identified textile companies as some of the biggest polluters on the planet. Thanks to their constant calls for attention, at least 80 brands pledged to stop using chemicals, considered dangerous, in the production of their garments.

10. Fighting for the Amazon

In addition to its cry in struggle for the protection of biodiversity, Greenpeace has denounced how the meat industry is destroying the rainforest. The deforestation of the Amazon, in many cases to generate land for livestock, is out of control and needs laws that protect the last lung of the planet.

Greenpeace does not stop in its commitment to the fight for the environment and, on Tuesday, Sept. 14, one day before its anniversary, a group of its activists took to the Danish Parliament building to demand urgent actions in favor of the environment.

"This is the politicians last chance. The nature crisis won’t wait for anyone,” Greenpeace said.


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