Explosion caused by gas accumulation in Mexico. Photo: Twitter @SGIRPC_CDMX
The aftermath of the explosion caused by gas build-up in Mexico. Photo: Twitter- @SGIRPC_CDMX 

Building explodes in Mexico City due to gas build-up

A building exploded in Benito Juarez, Mexico City on the morning of Monday, Aug. 16.


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At building 1909 on Coyoacan Avenue, an unimaginable accident occurred for the residents of the Acacias neighborhood. An explosion at apartment 207 occurred after a build-up of gas, and it left one person dead and several injured.
The force of the explosion shattered the windows of the building and all the residents in the area started running due to the fright. 
Claudia Sheinbaum, Mexico City Mayor, said on Twitter that one of the accident victims had lost his life and that they were already in contact with his family to "provide the necessary support."
The mayor also said that the 63 families affected by the explosion will receive housing and psychological support to cope with what happened. Regarding the building, she mentioned that "it does not seem that there is structural damage. In any case, it will be checked and the expenses will be covered by the insurance. Fortunately, the entire building was insured." 
The Integral Risk Management and Civil Protection Department (SGIRPC) reported that about 300 people were evacuated from the surrounding buildings and the area was cordoned off to avoid risks.
Residents of the Xoco neighborhood reported that a strong smell of gas had been present for several days. Through a video posted on social media, one of the people said that she had warned that she smelled gas, while the person recording confirms her words saying "people complained that they smelled gas a few days ago, but no one answered their calls."
Through social media, it also became known that Fatima Molina, the actress of Luis Miguel, the series, was in the building where the explosion occurred. Fatima left the scene in a state of shock, but without any injuries.
How to detect a gas leak in case of emergency? 
Although natural gas does not have a specific odor, a chemical odor called "Mercaptan" is usually added so that in case of emergency, it can be detected more easily. To detect a gas leak it should be taken into account that: 
-The odor is characterized by being penetrating and difficult to breathe.
-It is an odor that is detected with little time in the house.
- It is usually heard murmurs or whistles coming out of the stove or the gas appliance.
-Some frequent symptoms are migraine, headache or vomiting. 
-If you have a gas alarm, it should go off in the event of a leak. 

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