Vaccination campaign in Chile. Image by Agencia Uno.
Vaccination campaign in Chile. Photo: Agencia Uno.

Chile to grant a "mobility pass" to people vaccinated against COVID-19

President Sebastián Piñera announced a mobility pass that will allow certain freedoms to be lifted for people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19.


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This Sunday, May 23, the Chilean government announced the distribution of a "mobility pass" that will grant some freedoms and greater mobility to people who have received complete vaccination against the coronavirus, which will be enforced this week.

"These greater freedoms and greater mobility will be expanded according to health conditions and the recommendations of experts," the head of state clarified.

During May, the southern country began to emerge from a second wave that again put the hospital system in check and forced the confinement of 90% of the population. As the number of daily cases stabilized and the hospitals began to see less of a crush, the authorities have started a gradual opening process.  

Despite the progress of vaccination, the number of new cases has increased again in the last few days. 

The vaccination process in the country remains one of the most successful in the world, as 51% of the population has been fully vaccinated and at least one dose has been administered to more than 63% of Chileans.

The mobilty pass proposal involves providing digital identification to fully vaccinated people in quarantined neighborhoods, and will gradually grant greater freedoms as the vaccination campaign progresses in the country. 

These "freedoms have to be accompanied by greater responsibility," said Piñera, and he urged the population to respect the measures to prevent the spread of the disease despite the vaccines. According to Oxford University data, Chile is the second country in the world with the highest percentage of fully vaccinated people after Israel.


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