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Becky G stepped up her guest game even more by having Kamala Harris on her podcast. Photo: Amazon Music

Becky G’s “En La Sala” talks Latina voting power

The latest episode of her new podcast welcomed Kamala Harris and America Ferrera to talk the importance of the civic duty.


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On Sept. 23, Mexican American singer, actress and activist Becky G made her debut into the podcast world. “En La Sala” is a show on Amazon Music where she invites guests ranging from reggaetoneros to politicians and dives into topics that beg to be discussed openly, thoughtfully and without apology.

In her first episode, she invited Maluma, Guaynaa, Gente de Zona, Mau y Ricky & Myke Towers and talked about mental health, music, politics and activism. In the second episode, Becky G got a little more cozy and personal and invited her partner, Sebastian Lletget, to talk about relationship dynamics and how they keep the magic alive.

But the latest episode is probably the most timely. Entitled “Your Vote, Tu Voz”, the singer delved deep into politics and civic engagement for Latinas with Senator Kamala Harris and actress America Ferrera.

In the trailer for the episode, Becky expressed her excitement about getting to speak with Harris.

“I wanted to make sure that the podcast not only hosted tough discussions about the issues that matter to the Latinx community but also that public figures like Senator Kamala Harris were taking part in these conversations,” she said 

In Becky’s interview with the Vice Presidential candidate, they talked about criminal justice reform, the importance of voting and Harris’s favorite Tupac song. 

Harris also reminisced about the community she was raised in, and how she doesn’t know one Black man that hasn’t experienced excessive force or racial profiling from police. 

“My parents were active in the civil rights movement, marching and shouting for justice. And so it is those experiences that led me to say ‘why not when we need to reform those systems, not only be on the outside, but also go on the inside.’ So I had a serious talk with my family and I said ‘you know what, I’m going on the inside and see what I can do from there,’” she said. 

When asked about why policy makers make it so hard for citizens to vote, Harris explained that there is a “purposeful fear campaign” that they wage because they don’t want Black and brown people to vote. 

“It’s because they’re worried because when we vote, things change. So don’t let anybody take your power,” Harris said.

The conversation continued with Fererra, and they discussed She Se Puede, the new nonprofit the actress and activist founded to pursue social justice and support civic engagement for Latinas. 

“Latinas alone can be the deciders in this election. Latinas have the numbers to show up and be the deciders of what happens in this election... So if we show up, we make the difference!" Fererra said. 

Each episode of “En La Sala” is dedicated to a non-profit. “Your Vote, Tu Voz,” was for the Latino Community Foundation, an organization working to increase political participation of the Latinx community in California. 

You can also catch Becky G speaking at this year’s virtual Latin Music Week with members of the group Los Tigres del Norte to discuss the role artists are currently playing in engaging Latino voters. 



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