Tras el desprendimiento en el Cerro de la Pasión, en Oaxaca, esto fue lo que apareció. Photo: El Tiempo.
After the earthquake, this is what appeared on Cerro de la Pasión, Oaxaca. Photo: El Tiempo.

Earthquake in Mexico discovers unearths carved into rocks

In Santa María Mixtequilla, Oaxaca, when the earth trembles it does not always bring disaster.  


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It happened last June 23 in the region known as the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. An earthquake of 7.4 magnitude hit the Zapotec municipality of Santa María Mixtequilla and when the earth stopped shaking, the landslide in the so-called Cerro de la Pasión revealed some strange drawings painted on the rocks that experts at the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) have certified as authentic. 

One of them is two spirals that join in a single line and have parallel lines; the other, somewhat smaller, resembles a person standing with a center between his hands or a bunch of herbs. 
Known as "The Venice of the Isthmus" for its abundant water, Mixtequilla is not the only place where similar drawings have appeared dating back hundreds of years.


In the Yagul caves, located in the center of Oaxaca and recognized by UNESCO, paintings of pre-Hispanic origins were also found 10 years ago.

According to EFE, one of the drawings of a place known as Caballito Blanco de Yagul (White Horse of Yagul) coincides with the human figure carved in the rock at Mixtequilla.

For the INAH experts who studied the glyphs of Yagul, the authors of these paintings must have inhabited the caves when the valley was covered with water, between 500 BC and 200 AD.


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