Baja California traditional dress.
They seek to highlight local art. Photo: Pixabay.

Introducing the first ABC Art Baja California Festival

The festival spans 45 days and three cities. It will feature various artists and galleries exhibiting pieces of local, national and international art.


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Alternating in three different venues and with two themes, the upcoming ABC Art Baja California Festival has created an important circuit to celebrate art.

Juan Canela, one of the curators, told Forbes:

This festival has the purpose of disseminating art and culture in these towns of Baja California Sur, focusing on the local scene through the promotion of collaborations that strengthen the concept of community between gallery owners, artists, designer collectors, local establishments, and the general public.

Venues and programming

The three cities where the festival will take place are La Paz, San José and Todos Santos.

The festival will have two main programs:

  1. ‘Lo Local’ by ABC — It wants to promote spaces and projects established in La Paz, San José and Todos Santos, fostering the development and promotion of the artistic community, and celebrating its culture and talent. To this end, physical and digital maps will be distributed with information on the activities and points of cultural interest in each of the participating cities.
  2. ‘El Patio’ by Zona Maco — Part of ABC Art Todos Santos, the program will be a space of more than 7,000 square meters in Santa Terra where sculptures, installations, ephemeral pieces and other interventions in an open-air landscape will be exhibited and sold.

In 'Lo Local,' visitors can find the work of artists at participating hotels, restaurants and spaces, and will include special events that will be revealed on their website and will have no cost. There will be an entry fee and tickets for 'El Patio' that can be purchased online.

"Although it is happening right now in Baja California Sur, we are looking to take it to other cities like Tijuana or Mexicali in the future," added Canela.

More activities

Other notable events in the program are:

  • 'El Cine': Curated by Samantha Ozer, which will bring together a selection of artists' videos and short films, and some feature films. It will take place at the Manuel Márquez de León Theater.
  • 'EL NFT': A series of NFTs will be presented created by the winners of the award given by the Palm Foundation, an organization that seeks to empower marginalized communities on Web3 through a scholarship program aimed at education, access opportunities and amplification of the work of artists and developers on the Palm Network.
  • 'La Reunion': Conversations with artists and agents of the art scene.
  • 'The Market': Proposals from local designers.
  • 'La Fruta': By Feel The Fruit, fusing art with fruit.
  • 'La Plaza': Performances and artistic interventions in the central square of Todos Santos.
  • ‘El Mural’: Live creation of a mural.

The works will be on display and for sale, and NFTs can be purchased of the work.

The ABC Art Baja California Festival will take place from March 10 to April 23 and will feature artists like Ana Teresa Fernández, Arturo Hernández Alcázar, Cisco Merel, Iván Sikic, Juliana Góngora, Colectivo Silvar, Lee Gil Rae and Joel Grossman, among many others.


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