El Baluarte de Santa Catalina hace parte del patrimonio histórico de Cartagena de Indias. Foto: Cortesía ETCAR
The Santa Catalina Bastion is part of the historical heritage of Cartagena. Photo: ETCAR

Art exhibition at the bastion of Santa Catalina in Cartagena

The Colombian artist Felipe Arturo will artistically alter the interior of the bastion of Santa Catalina starting on Friday, Jan. 28.


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Starting this Friday, Jan. 28, the work of artist Felipe Arturo, one of the winners of the 'Túnel de Escape' grant, will artistically display the interior of the bastion of Santa Catalina in Cartagena, Colombia. 
The bastion exhibition is entitled Accelerated fiber in the belly of the wall and will involve the cisterns, the casemate and the gallery of the bastion of Santa Catalina. In addition, the exhibition contemplates the installation of kinetic sculptures made of palm plant fibers, in contrast to the solid rock material of which the fortifications are made. 
"I seek to contrast the colonial legacy of the wall, both in its warlike, massive and heavy architectural representations, as well as in its symbolic character of division and segregation, with that of other cultural heritages," the artist said in an official statement about the project. 
"By artistically intervening the interior space of the fortifications, whose materiality accompanies our days, cultural imaginaries are also elaborated as that of a distant trace of mixed roots, highlighting the complexity of our cultural mix," Arturo added as part of his explanation of the new work. 
Rafael Cuesta Castro, general director of the Cartagena Workshop School, the institution that administers the city's fortifications, also mentioned that he was pleased to "kick off 2022 with cultural activities on the walls, which help the interpretation and appreciation of the fortifications as places of recreation and enjoyment for all."
The exhibition will be located inside the bastion of Santa Catalina, in the sector of the Bóvedas barracks and can be visited free of charge from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. until March 13, 2022.

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