Bartlett, el Impune
Bartlett, el Impune, a book about one of the most powerful men in Mexico

'Barlett, the Unpunished': New book tells the story of one of Mexico's most powerful men

Journalist Martín Moreno-Durán brings to light the authoritarianism, complicity and corruption of this ultra-nationalist Mexican politician.


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Based on dozens of interviews, revealing documents, closed testimonies and anonymous sources, Mexican journalist Martín Moreno-Durán has published Bartlett, el Impune (Bartlett, the Unpunished), a book that showcases the authoritarianism, complicity and corruption of one of the most powerful men in Mexico — Manuel Bartlett Díaz, the current general director of the Federal Electricity Commission of Mexico.

Bartlett el Impune

With a long and sinister political career (he was Secretary of the Interior and Public Education, former governor of Puebla and a senator on two occasions), Bartlett is portrayed as one of the main actors of Mexico's current political and economic ruin. A hard-line PRI supporter, implicated in the murder of DEA agent Enrique Kiki Camarena, executioner in the shadows of famous journalist Manuel Buendía, and the key man who prevented the legitimate triumph of Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas in the dark elections of 1988, Bartlett is currently the most powerful man in the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and likely challenges his authority.

One of the chapters of the book is dedicated to the murder of journalist Manuel Buendía, "a murder that will accompany Bartlett to his grave," writes Moreno-Durán.

A crime of such repercussion and international resonance as the one that occurred on May 30, 1984 against Mexico's most important and influential political columnist, "must have been known and endorsed by the president of the republic, then Miguel de la Madrid, and by the secretary of government, then Manuel Bartlett," comments Moreno-Durán in a recent interview with Infobae.

Another chapter is dedicated to AMLO's admiration for Bartlett, a conclusion he reaches as a result of his research between the ideological positions, political thinking and speeches of both.

"A vision of a totalitarian state, an absolute vision that controls all economic, political and social activity, can be seen in both of them. Leaving a minimum or a margin to the private director. Both are united by that ideological vision of the totalitarian state, of hating the PAN, the right wing, the businessmen," the author also told Infobae.

Finally, Moreno-Durán suggests that Bartlett, 85 years old, aspires to go down in history as the great energy reformer of Mexico, "selling the populist and demagogic discourse: 'We need the electricity industry for the benefit of the population.'"

"In reality, however, this is not the case, we are today in an interconnected world with data and it has been proven that private intervention in the generation of electric energy results in lower tariffs, accessible to millions of Mexicans," concludes the author.


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