Part of the cover of the comic book 'La Borinqueña' (©2016, SOMOS ARTE, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)
Part of the cover of the comic book La Borinqueña. Art: ©2016, SOMOS ARTE, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

'La Borinqueña': The Latin superhero who saves the world outside the comic

The Latin superhero 'La Borinqueña,' fights for environmental and social justice inside and out of the comic book.


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The Latin superhero 'La Borinqueña', fights for environmental and social justice inside the comic book and off its pages.

Marisol Ríos De La Luz is 'La Borinqueña,' a superhero committed to solving Puerto Rico's environmental and social problems.

The main character of the comic is a young woman of Puerto Rican roots who lives in Brooklyn and studies natural sciences. During a study trip to Puerto Rico, she meets the Taino goddess Atabex, who gives her superhuman powers, including storm control.

The character created by graphic novelist Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez and released in 2016 is inspired by Puerto Rico. 'La Borinqueña,' in addition to being the Taíno name for the island, is the name of Puerto Rico's national anthem.

It is a feminine and Puerto Rican version of Captain America.

The superhero 'La Borinqueña' not only influences and represents Afro-Latinas in the world of comics, but also seeks to have real repercussions in the world.

Her first appearance in the real world happened in 2017. After Hurricane Maria hit the island, the superhero's team organized to help rebuild the country.

By selling the charity anthology Ricanstruction: Reminiscence and Rebuilding Puerto Rico, the superhero joins Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and other recognized heroes in the effort. Funds raised were used to support the ongoing work to help more than 3 million Americans living in Puerto Rico by providing solar energy lamps, food, clothing and more.

The independent creative services studio Somos Arte, behind the successful comic book superhero franchise 'La Borinqueña,' has joined FanGirl Consulting & Brand Management, an organization that will lead the licensing, promotional partnerships and brand integrations. 

The first joint action is the creation of "La Borinqueña Grants Program," aimed at the reconstruction and revitalization of Puerto Rico through its support to local organizations and projects.

"Our hope is that La Borinqueña will inspire everyone to see our heroic potential to make a difference now, by jumping from the comic book pages to the real world," said Miranda-Rodriguez.

In 2020, La Borinqueña once again helped the world through the "Masks for America" initiative, partnering with an FDA-certified manufacturer that sells masks equivalent to the N95 with the goal of donating 2 million masks to protect heroes on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

'La Borinqueña' is also preparing to emerge in a third edition and never ceases to amaze with its initiatives to save the world inside and out of the comic book. When will La Borinqueña reappear in the real world? There will hopefully be new clues in the next issue.


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